Top 10 Smartest $1 Investments

Top 10 Smartest $1 Investments



Top 10 Smartest $1 Investments

In these times of economic uncertainty one has to be ingenious in getting more for one’s money. Have a dollar in your pocket? Don’t know what you can do with it? Here are some ideas:

Time machine

Buy your all-time favorite song at an MP3 store, iTunes or and use your imaginary time machine, for only a dollar. There’s sure to be a melody in your mind now that will take you to a nostalgic or magical destination. Maybe the song was played at your quinceanera, your wedding or was the theme song of the last World Cup. Let the music transport you to your favorite time and place.

A ticket to Mexico

For a little less than a dollar, a packet of Mexican “chile en polvo” will transport you to a typical Mexican mercado. A small bag of chile en polvo, lime and some fruit, sliced cucumber or chicharrones will make your lips pucker and your eyes crinkle, and land you in a northern Mexican town where kids and adults enjoy this savory snack that is sure to knock your socks off.

Breakfast, lunch or dinner

At Sonic Drive-In, you can choose from an array of options such as a Jr. Breakfast Burrito, a Chicken Strip Sandwich or a Jr. Deluxe Burger, all for just a dollar each. All are made with the same high-quality ingredients Sonic is known for, but for only a dollar, plus tax. You can even get dessert. Take your time to order. Enjoy your food in your car or on the patio, or even order it to go, and don’t forget to share with friends, co-workers and family.

New pair of shoes

Hidden in a dark corner of your closet is what was once your favorite pair of shoes. Yes, the shoes that you wore at your graduation or wore regularly to go salsa or merengue dancing … now you remember. Buy a container of shoe polish for around a dollar. Carefully apply polish to your shoes. If needed, guys can also replace their old shoe laces with new ones. Once again, you’re ready to shine on the dance floor.

Be a philanthropist

During slow economic times, people in our community need help, too. Make a difference! Donate a dollar to a charity close to your heart. Think of a nonprofit community organization with global reach; there is always a cause that could use an extra dollar or two, maybe hunger or disaster relief. And to stretch your donation, look for organizations that provide matching funds. Nonprofit organizations are experts in multiplying your donation and making it worth so much more. Plus, doing something good for your community will give you a great sense of personal satisfaction.

A miracle

Of course miracles are free, but for around a dollar, a “veladora” of your devoted saint or the always-miraculous Virgin of Guadalupe will help you focus and establish that spiritual connection. There is no guarantee the “veladora” will make Chivas or Americas win the next soccer match; for that you’ll have to grab your friends, watch the game, and cheer for your team. Pick up some Slushes and snacks at Sonic on the way. A small drink or famous Slush is only $1.

Open a new savings account

Banks are a good, safe place for your money, but the faithful “cochinito” could help you save for something special. Every day, deposit all the change you have accumulated in your pocket or purse in the piggy bank. If you deposit 25 cents a day, you’ll collect $1.75 a week, or around $90 per year – not exactly pocket change. Use this money to jump-start your savings plan or splurge on something you’ve always wanted. Think big.

Get in touch with old friends for $1

Perhaps your hectic life hasn’t let you keep in touch with old friends. If your friends live in faraway countries, buy a one-dollar telephone card. Call them and remind them that you appreciate them and miss them very much. You’ll be updated on their whereabouts, and you may even have a place to crash on your next vacation … again, for only a dollar.

A personal touch

Words are one of the few things that don’t cost much. This, along with a dollar in postage stamps, is all you need to send a friend a personalized thank you or a congratulatory note. Sure, an email or text message will reach them faster, but those don’t have the personal touch that a handwritten letter does. In these digital times, receiving a note in the mail is always a welcomed surprise.

Stress therapy for $1

Go to the nearest Sonic Drive-In, park in a stall, take your time looking at the menu and deciding what to order, listen to relaxing music on your radio, then press the red button. Order a Jr. Candy Sundae with your favorite candy topping: Reese’s, M&Ms, Oreo or Butterfinger candies. Feel your stress melt away with every bite, for just a dollar, plus tax.

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Top 10 Smartest $1 Investments