Discovery En Espanol Debuts ‘Rescate Imposible: 70 Dias Bajo Tierra,’ The Chilean...

Discovery En Espanol Debuts ‘Rescate Imposible: 70 Dias Bajo Tierra,’ The Chilean Miners’ Miracle

Also in October, the network brings viewers a fresh new look at another historic rescue that captured the world in: "Ingrid Betancourt: seis anos en la jungla"


MIAMI, Oct. 21 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — With exclusive access to the harrowing drama endured by 33 Chilean miners and the unprecedented rescue operation that freed them after 70 long days, Discovery en Espanol brings viewers the worldwide premiere of RESCATE IMPOSIBLE: 70 DIAS BAJO TIERRA. This one hour special airs on Discovery en Espanol Thursday, October 28th at 9 PM ET/PT (with an encore presentation on Sunday, October 31 at 8 PM ET/PT).

“This documentary explores the extraordinary scientific and technological innovations employed in this miraculous rescue from the depths of the earth,” explains Luis Silberwasser, Senior Vice President and International Head of Content for Discovery Networks International. “In true Discovery fashion, we will provide an exclusive inside look into the myriad of characters, arduous planning as well as the victories and setbacks the 70-day rescue mission meant for all those involved.”

The special will offer Discovery en Espanol’s viewers exclusive access to:

– The room set aside for reunions between rescued miners and their families

– Andre Sougarett, head of the rescue operation

– The workings of the three drilling machines used in the rescue operation

– The engineers and technicians in charge of each of the three rescue plans (Plans A, B and C) and the drilling machines

– The “control room” where daily planning meetings took place

– Medical teams, including Dr. Jean Romagnoli, one of the health experts who kept the miners alive

– Interviews with one of the heroic rescuers who descended into the mine during the final phase of the operation to show the miners how to use the escape capsule

The program will also feature interviews with the miners’ families and loved ones, Chilean Mining Minister Laurence Golborne, Dr. Michael Duncan of NASA (who advised the medical team in charge of the miners during their captivity) and several of the engineers and drillers on site.

Also, as part of a slate of October exclusives for U.S. Hispanic audiences, Discovery en Espanol premieres “Ingrid Betancourt: seis anos en la jungla”. This impactful documentary, airing on Sunday, October 31st at 9 PM E/P, presents the first ever personal accounts by the controversial former presidential candidate about her capture, including rarely seen file footage.

Through the testimonials of Ingrid Betancourt, Clara Rojas, Luis Eladio Perez, Marc Gonsalves and guerrilla commander Martin Shadow, the documentary lays evidence to the painful experiences of thousands of kidnapping victims in Colombia. At the same time the special allows viewers to gain insight into the daily challenges of life in the jungle, the mindset of the kidnappers, and the difficult decisions that those in captivity are sometimes forced to make.

Rescate imposible: 70 dias bajo tierra is executive produced by Michela Giorelli for Discovery en Espanol and by Brooke Runnette for Discovery Channel US, with the assistance of Pacha Films.

Ingrid Betancourt: seis anos en la jungla was directed by Angus Macqueen, of Ronachan Films, who also served as the film’s producer along with Christopher Jorg, of Pumpernickel Films. The interviews for this documentary were conducted between the months of March and June of the 2010.

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Discovery En Espanol Debuts ‘Rescate Imposible: 70 Dias Bajo Tierra,’ The Chilean Miners’ Miracle