This November Discovery en Espanol Premieres ‘Fuga de las FARC’ & ‘Tabasco...

This November Discovery en Espanol Premieres ‘Fuga de las FARC’ & ‘Tabasco bajo el agua’

Incredible Stories of Survival that Moved an Entire Continent Related in two Spectacular Original Productions via High Impact Images and Testimonials


MIAMI, Oct. 22 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — This November, Discovery en Espanol premieres two extraordinary original productions that underscore the immitigable instinct of survival of the human species and its tenacity in the face of adversity, be it from the forces of nature or a man’s own incivility towards man. The two documentaries, “Fuga de las FARC” and “Tabasco bajo el agua,” recount distinct yet recent historical happenings that transformed the lives of many and stirred an entire continent.

Through the use of high impact images, aerial shots, in-depth interviews, dramatizations and recreations, these two productions allow viewers to experience, as if in the flesh, the desperation, anguish, fear, but also man’s ingenuity against the worst of circumstances and the fighting spirit inherent in our people.

Fuga de las FARC — Sunday, November 2nd — 9:00 PM E/P

Of the 2,000 kidnapping victims under control of the Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia (FARC), only a few have managed to escape captivity with their lives intact. The young Colombian policeman Jhon Frank Pinchao, whose contribution was central to the planning and eventual rescue of Ingrid Betancourt (a well known and respected Colombian political figure), is one of these brave souls. After nine long years in captivity and despite having all the odds stacked against him, Pinchao makes a run for his life.

“I know that if I stay I’ll die and that if I escape I will also die, but then I shall have the satisfaction of having died a free man”.

To achieve his objective, and because he did not know how to swim, Pinchao fashioned a floating device from an enormous plastic water bottle that he then tied to his body. Setting his fears aside, he entered the raging river and allowed the currents to carry him away. Malnourished, severely dehydrated and practically without any sustenance, Pinchao managed to survive 17 days in the Amazon and emerge alive from his ordeal to share his incredible story with the world.

The one-hour special, “Fuga de las FARC,” recounts an amazing story of survival. The detailed narrative of Pinchao’s escape from the jungle and his captors (la FARC), incorporates astonishing testimonials from key players including Jhon Pinchao himself; as well as interviews with Colombian Senator and also former FARC captive, Luis Eladio Perez; the Director of the Colombian Police Force, General Oscar Naranjo; the ex-guerilla fighter “Camilo;” and Doctor Henry Mendoza, who treated Pinchao after his escape and harrowing ordeal.

Tabasco bajo el agua (Tabasco Underwater) — Sunday, November 2nd — 10:00 PM E/P

In 2007, the Mexican State of Tabasco is confronted with the worst natural disaster in Mexico’s history. More than a million people are left homeless. The monetary damages reach upwards of 700 million dollars. From October 28th to the 30th of 2007, more than 20 inches of rain fall over the entire Tabasqueno territory, as well as to the north of the neighboring state of Chiapas, submerging most of the area in the worst flooding ever in Mexico. In a matter of hours the capital of Tabasco is transformed into an enormous pool of water and mud, where a few meters off the ground can make the difference between life and death. More than a million inhabitants throughout the state climb up on rooftops and fences looking for refuge.

“How can this be forgotten! All of their things are gone, their home was carried away by the river, and nothing remains,” laments Rocio Lopez, eye witness and victim’s relative.

“Tabasco bajo el agua,” is an original production by Discovery en Espanol, that delves deep into the possible causes of the intense flooding (deforestation, the operations of the local hydroelectric plants, and continued settlement in high risk areas), brings to life the personal human stories of survivors, and vividly depicts the dramatic rescue missions that saved countless human lives. The documentary gives voice to the victims as they recount their struggles during and following the flooding.

A year after the disaster, and at the start of a new rainy season, a great number of Tabasco area residents are wrought with fear. They continue to ask themselves what measures are being taken to prevent disasters like these from happening again.

“Fuga de las FARC” was produced for Discovery en Espanol by WYF Television of Colombia under the direction of Jaime Escallon Buraglia and executive producer Nestor Torres. Project principals for Discovery Networks Latin America / US Hispanic include Michela Giorelli, Director of Production and Rafael Rodriguez, Production Supervisor.

“Tabasco bajo el agua” was produced for Discovery en Espanol by Produccion Mexico under the supervision of Michela Giorelli, Director of Production and Development for Discovery en Espanol.

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This November Discovery en Espanol Premieres ‘Fuga de las FARC’ & ‘Tabasco bajo el agua’