Discovery en Espanol’s Santo Milagro Explores Hispanics and Their Faith

Discovery en Espanol’s Santo Milagro Explores Hispanics and Their Faith

44 Million Immigrants, One Language, All Passionate about Their Beliefs, With Many and Sometimes Surprising Ways of Expressing Their Faith


MIAMI, May 14 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — This May, Discovery en Espanol, the leading provider of high-quality, nonfiction Spanish-language programming, will take viewers on a religious pilgrimage and bring them face to face with the pageantry, color, and rituals that make-up how some Hispanics practice their faith. At times conventional, other times unconventional, “Santo Milagro”, an original production airing on Discovery en Espanol Sunday, May 25 at 10:00 pm ET/PT, explores the diverse and even unexpected ways in which Hispanics look for miracles.

Much unites Hispanics. Yet when it comes to religious customs, they are far from being monolithic. The ways Hispanics practice their faith are as varied as the lands from which they hail. “Santo Milagro” will offer Discovery en Espanol viewers an entree into the private sanctuaries of Hispanics via the poignant stories of everyday individuals who bear witness to miracles and tell us how their devotion changed their lives.

“It is difficult to capture the passion and heart of a people. How can you possibly illustrate a miracle? The truth is, as you will see, that miracles mean different things to different people. We thought the best way to capture this and bring it to life was via testimonials. This documentary does not look to pass judgment on any practice or belief. It simply weaves a story told by the main protagonists, the faithful,” said Sol Colom, Executive Producer Discovery Networks U.S. Hispanic Group.

Throughout the centuries, ceremonies and rituals have formed an integral part of human existence. Passed on generation to generation, they represent, for many Hispanics, a way to find a deeper meaning in life. As evidenced by the personal testimonials featured throughout this special, faith has many manifestations, some which are vividly portrayed during the five separate segments of this one-hour original production by Discovery en Espanol.

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Discovery en Espanol’s Santo Milagro Explores Hispanics and Their Faith