Discovery En Espanol To Air Pre-Olympic China Spectacular

Discovery En Espanol To Air Pre-Olympic China Spectacular

In celebration of BEIJING 2008 - Discovery en Espanol will offer its viewers an in-depth look at the splendor, beauty and history of one of the oldest civilizations on the planet.


MIAMI, July 23 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — As Beijing gets ready to ignite the torch and kick-off the 2008 Olympic Games this August 8th, Discovery en Espanol will offer its viewers a timely look at some of the most important historic milestones of its host nation, China.

The four hour programming spectacular, scheduled for Sunday, August 3rd starting at 7 pm ET/PT, is a visual delight that delves deep into the people, places and history of one of the most populous nations on earth.

Starting with a stunning voyage through wondrous landscapes that bring modern day China to life in Discovery Atlas: China Revealed, the programming spectacular then takes viewers back in time with an informative biography that explores and demystifies the legend of one of the greatest warriors in history, in Genghis Khan. This powerful special with astonishing reenactments and a sweeping storyline is sure to captivate audiences. Finally viewers will be treated to a riveting and sometimes surprising dramatization behind the creation of one of the eight wonders of the world in, Behind the Great Wall. These combined pre-Olympic specials, in true Discovery style, artfully capture China’s past present and future using ground-breaking photographic techniques and stunning videography.

“We at Discovery en Espanol aim to offer viewers programming that’s not only enlightening and educational but also relevant and timely. As the eyes of the world turn to Beijing, the historical perspective that these three programs impart will serve as a complement enriching viewers’ experience of the Olympic Games,” said Luis Silberwasser, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Discovery Networks U.S. Hispanic Group

Pre-Olympic China Spectacular — Sunday, August 3rd, 2008:

The pre-Olympic programming spectacular begins at 7 pm ET/PT on Discovery en Espanol and runs through 12 pm ET/PT with a re-airing of Discovery Atlas: China Revealed at 11 pm ET/PT.

Discovery Atlas: China Revealed — 7:00 pm ET/PT: Coupling insightful storytelling with spectacular photographic techniques, “Discovery Atlas: China Revealed” brings alive the fascinating and complex contemporary life of one of the greatest nations on earth. The narrative of the film is structured around ‘frozen moments,’ introducing us to characters and places. In modern day China old walls are being torn down and futuristic landscapes of glass and steel are shooting up in their place. Employing hi-definition cameras and the effect techniques used in the most recent Chinese feature film spectaculars such as House of Flying Daggers, Discovery Atlas: China Revealed is a visual masterpiece.

Genghis Khan – 8:00 pm ET/PT: Follow the rise to glory of Genghis Kahn, the 13th century Mongol whose empire covered four times the area conquered by Alexander the Great. Combining the savagery of a real-life Conan the Barbarian with the sheer tactical genius of Napoleon, Genghis brought his armies from the outermost reaches of eastern Asia to the edge of Europe, uniting the disparate Mongol tribes along the way and establishing an empire that would last until the 17th century. From his humble beginning as an orphaned child to his deathbed plea to his sons, this riveting docudrama explores and demystifies the myths behind the legend.

Behind the Great Wall – 9:00 pm ET/PT: If ever a single object defined a nation, it is the Great Wall of China. This is its definitive story. The two hour film traces the story of the greatest engineering feat of the age, inspired by the genius of one of China’s most powerful military leaders Qi Jiguang. From the terror of the apocalyptic Mongol raids in 1550 — the Ming dynasty’s own 9/11, it follows Qi’s career through the founding of the nation’s first professional army to the building of the wall itself and its proof in battle. This ground-breaking documentary, bringing us a series of stunning televisual firsts, includes face to face moments with the descendants of the wall’s builders.

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Discovery En Espanol To Air Pre-Olympic China Spectacular