Discovery Networks U.S. Hispanic Group Features In February Real World Specials, Inspiring...

Discovery Networks U.S. Hispanic Group Features In February Real World Specials, Inspiring Series and A Celebration of Latin Cuisine

In a Premiere Special Andres Garcia Jr. Hosts a Journey to Showcase the Transformation of Hispanic Menus


Miami, FL–(HISPANIC PR WIRE)–January 29, 2007–This February, Discovery Networks U.S. Hispanic Group offers thrilling programming on its three Spanish-language networks: Discovery en Español, Discovery Kids en Español and Discovery Travel & Living (Viajar y Vivir).

Discovery en Español highlights the premiere of DISCOVERY HOY: ATRAPADOS, a real world program that examines one of the world’s most dangerous industries: mining and what happened at the ill-fated Pasta de Conchos in Mexico.

Discovery Kids en Español will make our little ones laugh and inspire them to explore the world around with exhilarating new episodes of ANIMAL JAM, helping them practice their Spanish in a fun way.

The premiere of CON GUSTO Y SAZÓN tops the Discovery Travel & Living (Viajar y Vivir) schedule. This show features the evolution of traditional Latin dishes, and introduces viewers to the chefs creating the next generation of Hispanic menus with host, Andres Garcia, Jr. who will travel across the U.S. to show viewers some of the restaurants in the U.S. that are transforming Latin culinary.

Programming highlights for the month of February are as follows:


DISCOVERY HOY: ATRAPADOS – Sunday, February 11 at 9:00 PM (ET/PT)

The death of 65 miners after an explosion at a coal mine in Northern Mexico has set the spotlight on what is perhaps the world’s most dangerous industry at a time when mining is booming in Mexico and throughout Latin America. With the unfolding human story of the Mexican disaster as its central theme, “ATRAPADOS” will give viewers a timely look inside an age-old industry that has always been – and continues to be – among the riskiest workplaces on earth. The program will examine what happened at the ill-fated Pasta de Conchos mine in Coahuila, how the trapped miners were cut off behind caved-in roofs with insufficient oxygen, and why rescue workers were unable to reach them in time.

I SHOULDN’T BE ALIVE: SCIENCE OF SURVIVAL – Sunday, February 18 at 8:00 PM (ET/PT)

“What would you do to survive? How would you react? How would you protect yourself from a shark/wild animal/deadly insect attack? Watch as four experts lose themselves in four extreme environments: Far out in shark infested waters, deep in a deadly jungle, almost buried in an extreme snow storm and living with wild animals in the African bush. Each expert will teach you how to make it in their environment while pointing to scenes from past episodes of I SHOULDN’T BE ALIVE. You’ll learn a lot from this series: if you survive!

SURGERY SAVED MY LIFE – Thursday, February 22 at 9:00 PM (ET/PT)

“SURGERY SAVED MY LIFE” is a series that presents powerful stories each of which follows a dramatic and life saving surgery either performed for the first time ever or by the pioneer of a true surgical breakthrough. Each film tells a dramatic personal story, both from the patient’s point of view and the doctor’s. Behind each operation is a story of minor triumphs and failures, small staging posts on the route to success. The precise medical detail of each story will be brought vividly to life through the use of clear but sophisticated 3-dimensional graphics, allowing us to fly through the body and isolate or examine affected regions.

EVEREST: BEYOND THE LIMIT – Monday, February 26 at 9:00 PM (ET/PT)

From the very start, “EVEREST: BEYOND THE LIMIT” confronts you with the appalling danger of climbing the world’s highest mountain where ambition overrides agony, exhaustion and the chances of survival. Guided by Russell Brice, an experienced and hard-as-nails New Zealander with 18 seasons on the mountain behind him, the varied team of adventurers will endure the weeks of acclimatization necessary to begin the ascent – plenty of time to ponder the fact that one in ten climbers who attempt the summit never returns. Filmed entirely during the April-June 2006 weather window for climbing, viewers will experience the fear, hardship, exhaustion, disappointments, triumphs and the inevitable tragedies as they occur. High Altitude cameras and Sherpacams cameras will follow nearly every step and misstep, confronting viewers with the realities of what it takes to conquer the world’s most formidable peak


BACKYARD SCIENCE (NEW EPISODES) – Monday, February 5 at 8:00 PM (ET/PT)

Ripping science out of the laboratory and taking it to the real world, this is science for kids by kids. This series proves science is really fun, showing young kids demonstrating easy, practical and cool activities that anyone can do.

ANIMAL JAM – Monday, February 26 at 11:00 AM (ET/PT)

A jungle is the setting of the ultimate pre-school music and movement party for the 2-6-year old set. This live-action series has a very specific movement curriculum including dances, games and songs. The show is co-hosted by Edi the Zebra and Waffle the Cow Monkey, and features the superstar dancer Bozark the Elephant. This wild, pulsing world of rhythm and song uses real kids, puppet characters and footage of live animals in motion to challenge children to master movements and use their bodies to express creative ideas and emotions.


COVER SHOT – Thursday, February 15 at 9:30 PM (ET/PT)

On COVER SHOT, we prove that anyone can look and feel like a cover model, if only given the right ingredients – hair, makeup, clothes… and airbrushing. Each episode, we’ll take one lucky, unsuspecting woman and give her the photo spread of a lifetime, transforming her into a cover girl in the blink of an eye.

A WEDDING STORY – Monday, February 19 at 2:00 PM (ET/PT)

In A WEDDING STORY, real-life couples tell their unrehearsed stories of courtship and romance. Viewers sit in on the wedding preparations, meet the relatives and friends attending the celebration, and follow the couple down the aisle and through the rest of their special day. From large, formal ceremonies to intimate, casual gatherings; from urban areas to rustic sites, indoors and in the wild, A WEDDING STORY captures the warmth, humor and love of each couple.

A MAKEOVER STORY – Monday, February 19 at 2:30 PM (ET/PT)

Wish you had your own personal Makeover Coach, full of advice, knowledge, and humor? The lucky fashion-impaired participants of A MAKEOVER STORY do. Each episode features one of our coaches who teach these pals what it takes to prepare to step out in style. Pick up useful fashion tips as you get to know the participants’ real stories from the video application to those trying times in the dressing room and the ever-changing ever-challenging makeover challenges.

CON GUSTO Y SAZÓN – Tuesday, February 20 at 8:30 PM (ET/PT)

“We know them well…the foods that define part of who we are… black beans and rice, quesadillas and tamales, tres leches and flan. They are the unique tastes and flavors born of traditional recipes handed down generation through generation. All tastes and flavors born from our Latin roots but as the Latin culture spreads across the U.S. and the world, how is our culinary heritage being affected? What is happening to the gastronomy of a culture exposed more and more to the influences of a worldwide audience? The answer is nothing short of remarkable as the gastronomic identity of an entire culture is being transformed and the results are revolutionary. Our guide throughout this tour of “delicious delicacies” will be actor Andres Garcia, Jr. He’ll travel across the U.S. to some of the restaurants that are transforming traditional Latin dishes, and introduce us to the chefs creating the next generation of Hispanic menus; those that will fill traditional Latin cookbooks of the future.

About Discovery Networks U.S. Hispanic Group

Discovery Networks U.S. Hispanic Group is the leading provider of high quality real-world entertainment and lifestyle programming for Spanish-speaking audiences in the United States. Distributing three distinct, standalone networks that offer original Spanish-language content from the United States and Latin America, as well as popular American and international programs transcreated for U.S. Hispanic audiences, the portfolio includes Discovery en Español, the premier factual network delivering content that stimulates, informs and empowers, giving viewers a fascinating look at the incredible and often surprising world from an Hispanic perspective; Discovery Travel & Living (Viajar y Vivir), the first lifestyle channel created for Spanish-speaking audiences in the United States, serving as an in-home getaway to the best travel, food and style the world has to offer; and Discovery Kids en Español, the leading children’s network for U.S. Hispanic audiences, dedicated to bringing premium programming to children and families in a trustworthy environment that nurtures curiosity and creates lifelong learners. Discovery Networks launched Discovery en Español in 1998 in response to the growing demand for Spanish-language programming in the United States, and expanded the portfolio in 2005 to better serve the unique interests of Hispanic women, children and families with the addition of Discovery Kids en Español and Discovery Travel & Living (Viajar y Vivir).

Discovery Networks U.S. Hispanic Group Features In February Real World Specials, Inspiring Series and A Celebration of Latin Cuisine