Discovery Networks U.S. Hispanic Group GOES GREEN

Discovery Networks U.S. Hispanic Group GOES GREEN

U.S. Hispanics seen not only as Conscientious but Central in the Fight to Save Our Planet


Miami, FL–(HISPANIC PR WIRE)–April 17, 2007–Discovery Networks U.S. Hispanic Group, the leading provider of high quality real-word and lifestyle programming for Spanish-speaking audiences, is going all out during the month of April in celebration of Earth Day, by launching a multifaceted campaign on all three networks (Discovery en Español, Discovery Kids en Español, and Travel and Living – Viajar y Vivir) that encompasses on-air, online and grassroots components.

The campaign’s main aim is to encourage Hispanics to reflect on the state of our planet, create awareness of the factors contributing to global warming, and educate viewers via Eco-tips and other invaluable informational resources on how they can make a difference.

“The Earth has been central to Discovery and in many ways defines our brand. The goal of this campaign is to use Discovery en Español’s reach and credibility to empower and inform one of the fastest growing demographic groups in the U.S. (43 million). A group, may I add, that is already demonstrating an interest and desire in becoming a part of the solution,” said Luis Silberwasser, senior vice president and general manager of Discovery Networks U.S. Hispanic Group.

For a long time Hispanic attitudes, when it came to the environment, were thought of as indifferent, but recent research indicates otherwise. A poll taken by Discovery en Español on clearly indicates that Hispanics are not only highly aware but are also very concerned.

— Over 80% of respondents to the survey indicated that they are highly concerned about Global Warming; and 93% believe that Global Warming is a real threat that requires immediate action.

Moreover, the desire for information that would help them to adopt behaviors that are more Eco-friendly was also made apparent.

— 70% of respondents indicated that they would be more likely to make their homes more ecologically friendly if only they had more information; and 67% would be more likely to lead a life in a manner that is kinder to the environment if they had more information.

It is not only apparent that the there is real sensibility toward the problem among Hispanics but also a need and desire for useful information that will empower them to make more informed decisions.

This March, Discovery en Español launched an epic series – Planet Earth – as a prelude to Earth Day. Planet Earth is perhaps the most fitting introduction to this celebration and to the creation of renewed awareness of the magnificent world we live in and what truly hangs in the balance. The brilliantly produced special has already garnered some of the highest ratings for the channel and will be a central component to all of Discovery in Español’s Earth Day Initiatives, which are fully described below.

On Air Programming:


Five years in production, over 2000 days in the field, using 40 cameramen filming across 200 locations, this is the ultimate portrait of our planet. This stunning television experience will reach a crescendo on April 22nd with three new episodes allowing viewers to fall in love with our wondrous Planet and inspiring them to protect it like never before. The three episode spectacular (Plains, Seasonal Forests, and Jungle) will repeat following the first airing allowing West Coast viewers to enjoy these magnificent productions during prime time hours.

Episodes will run back to back starting at 8 PM ET/5PM PT (Plains), 9 PM ET/6 PM (Seasonal Forests), 10 PM ET/ 7 PM PT (Jungle), 11 PM ET/8 PM PT (Plains), 12 AM ET/9PM PT (Seasonal Forests), 1 AM ET/10 PM PT (Jungle).

PSA’s and Spots to Inspire

On Discovery en Español:


This public service announcement shows a typical, Hispanic family involved in normal everyday activities. The spot opens very peacefully, with a wife preparing dinner. Suddenly, a basketball breaks a window. This incident triggers a whole chain of chaotic events: the grandmother grabs an ax and breaks a wooden bookshelf, the 6 year-old daughter burns a dollhouse. At the end, all family members are in the kitchen and living room breaking everything. In the midst of this absolute mess, the following message emerges:






This campaign features 15 second graphic animations featuring striking facts about Global Warming. They contain strong statistics and numbers that clearly demonstrate how each individual’s behavior can affect our environment (below is but one example).


How much CO2 would you stop from being released if all Hispanics in the US would carpool with a friend?


34 billion pounds of CO2 – the equivalent of the weight of more than 2 million African elephants


Six spots, each with an everyday person talking about a small change that they recently incorporated into their lifestyle. As soon as they give the tip or advice, a “discovery” explanation comes in, describing why and how this new behavior makes sense (see one example of many below).

Select a fuel efficient vehicle

When purchasing a car, be sure to select one that can get more mileage to the gallon. The less gas you consume, the less CO2 gets released into the environment, as such you contribute less to the causes of Global Warming.

Why – (Discovery Explains)

A car’s motor mixes gas, an organic material, with oxygen in the air which allows it to burn and creates the energy necessary for movement but also the CO2 that gets released. Gasoline (organic material) + 02 = Energy + CO2 + Others. The more efficient an auto, the less CO2 released.

On Discovery Kids en Español:


When we were small, activities like swimming in a lake or flying a kite, were quite common. Nowadays, kids’ concept of fun is going to the mall or playing videogames. The mission of these spots is to go back to basics and wake up in kids –and in their parents- a desire to go outside, have fun with and connect with nature. Throughout the spots, all you hear are real nature sounds and kids laughing. This makes the spots stand out in the midst of the “loud” environment of traditional promos.


Earth Day is a time to honor the planet and all living species. This campaign aims to remind families about the important role they play in teaching their kids, from a very young age, to take care of and appreciate nature and our environment. The campaign includes a set of spots in which different children, from 2 to 8 years of age, are learning to say words like “nature”, “tropical jungle”, “fauna and flora” and “natural resources”.

On Discovery Travel & Living – Viajar y Vivir:


The concept behind this campaign is to inspire viewers to start treating our environment differently. There are four spots, all beginning with a live video of a beautiful landscape. Suddenly, the images freeze and turn into old photographs. The message is clear: let’s act now. If not, waterfalls, forests, beaches, underwater fauna and flora, and many other amazing places and species, will become distant memories.

Website and Online Tools


This interactive website includes fully detailed content and illustrative components that educate and show all signs of Global Warming and the different contributors, like nature and man made contaminants. A wealth of information on what is currently taking place along with the signs and symptoms are all at user’s fingertips. In addition, the content also incorporates information to help users obtain information on how they can make a difference.

Grass Roots & On the Ground


Discovery Kids en Español and Atlantic Broadband entered into a partnership that called on TV Production students at Miami Beach High School to develop and produce a .30 second Earth Day themed PSA. The winning spot which was selected on March 31st will receive national and local exposure with heavy rotation on Discovery Kids en Español and the local Atlantic Broadband system. The airing of the spot will begin on April 16th through Earth Day on April 22nd. Below is the concept of the spot selected:

You are walking down the street when suddenly, unknowingly, and without warning you are pelted with trash from all directions. The spot ends with a straight forward yet highly effective message:


Living & Working Green

All these vital Earth Day efforts would not be complete without a revitalized and ongoing internal commitment to going green. Discovery Communications Inc. is leading the way by recently announcing an initiative known as Living and Working Green, which aims to further the commitment to responsible operations starting at its global headquarters in Silver Spring, Maryland and spreading throughout its properties.

“At Discovery we not only seek to inspire and move viewers to action by producing relevant and entertaining programming that provides reputable and timely information that can make a difference…but also to be leading contributors to the solution. We want to inform and educate, as well as lead by example,” added Luis Silberwasser.

Discovery en Español would also like to applaud U.S. Hispanics this Earth Day for their initiative on this issue. Research, in addition to the recent Discovery En Español poll cited here, also indicates that Hispanics, although desirous of more information, are indeed already an active part of the solution.

— Hispanic adults are the #1 key ethnic group to never buy cosmetics tested on animals (26% before Asian, White and other minorities)

— Hispanic adults are the #2 key ethnic group to be worried about pollution caused by cars (55% Ahead of Whites and African Americans)

Source: Simmons Fall 2006, Total Adults 18+

About Discovery Networks U.S. Hispanic Group

Discovery Networks U.S. Hispanic Group is the leading provider of high quality real-world entertainment and lifestyle programming for Spanish-speaking audiences in the United States. Distributing three distinct, standalone networks that offer original Spanish-language content from the United States and Latin America, as well as popular American and international programs transcreated for U.S. Hispanic audiences, the portfolio includes Discovery en Español, the premier factual network delivering content that stimulates, informs and empowers, giving viewers a fascinating look at the incredible and often surprising world from an Hispanic perspective; Discovery Travel & Living (Viajar y Vivir), the first lifestyle channel created for Spanish-speaking audiences in the United States, serving as an in-home getaway to the best travel, food and style the world has to offer; and Discovery Kids en Español, the leading children’s network for U.S. Hispanic audiences, dedicated to bringing premium programming to children and families in a trustworthy environment that nurtures curiosity and creates lifelong learners. Discovery Networks launched Discovery en Español in 1998 in response to the growing demand for Spanish-language programming in the United States, and expanded the portfolio in 2005 to better serve the unique interests of Hispanic women, children and families with the addition of Discovery Kids en Español and Discovery Travel & Living (Viajar y Vivir).

Discovery Networks U.S. Hispanic Group GOES GREEN