Design With Daylight for Homes, Kitchens and Health

Design With Daylight for Homes, Kitchens and Health


New York, NY–(HISPANIC PR WIRE – METRO SERVICES)–February 27, 2004–With spring on the way, a lot of us like to remodel or redecorate our homes to reflect the change in season. The days are growing longer, so we get to enjoy more daylight. We embrace it and welcome it into our homes. It makes us feel alive and renewed. No wonder we sometimes get depressed during the winter when the days are shorter and there is less daylight to enjoy. It has been proven that the lighting environment correlates directly to the frequency of vision-related symptoms such as headache, eyestrain and visual discomfort, according to a Cornell University study. That’s why there is a growing trend towards homeowners wanting more natural daylight in their homes, especially in their kitchens, where families tend to gather the majority of the time.

Since daylighting has now become a critical design element of the home and kitchen, designers, architects and manufacturers are responding by designing with daylight in mind. They, as well as medical researchers, agree that daylight plays a vital role in our homes and our health. According to Dr. George Brainard of the National Institutes of Health, “Daylight not only saves energy, but when appropriately designed, responds to our human biological needs.” In fact, European countries such as Finland and the Netherlands have legally mandated daylighting in the workplace.

As National Kitchen and Bath Association member Laura Behning cautions, “Lighting will make or break your kitchen remodel project. The trend is open wall space and no upper cabinets.” That new-found space is ideal for daylighting with Weather Shield windows according to Jeff Williams, the company’s marketing communications manager. “Whether a wall full of casements, a series of sliders, double-hung tilts or a breakfast-nook bay, Weather Shield windows bring light — and life — to kitchens,” says Williams. And with offerings in wood, vinyl and wood/vinyl combinations, Weather Shield has windows for every need and budget.

What else makes a window ideal for “daylighting?” Strategic placement and interesting combinations of window shapes and sizes, Weather Shield’s custom windows provide unique daylighting opportunities. Care for a coffee-cup-shaped window? You can do it with Weather Shield, whose custom capabilities are limited only by your imagination.

Day-lit rooms flaunt cabinetry and appliances, too. And in a kitchen filled with windows and natural light reflecting on furniture-quality cabinetry, Weather Shield’s Custom Wood Interiors Collection(R) adds a final touch. Available in eight wood species —cherry, oak, maple, pine, American fir, mahogany, knotty pine and alder — the Custom Wood Interiors Collection lets designers match or contrast window interiors with cabinetry and/or hardwood flooring. In fact, Weather Shield offers the widest range of interior wood species available from a leading window and door manufacturer.

Regardless of which shapes or wood species you choose, remember to start with daylight design. We all crave daylight as well as food. Why not insist on both? As David Goehring, a member of the American Institute of Architects says, “On a scale of 1 to 10, I rate the importance of light a 100!” So take a tip from pros and let the sun shine in on your home — including your kitchen. You’ll love the light as much as you’ll love your Weather Shield windows.

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Megan Wolfe


Design With Daylight for Homes, Kitchens and Health