Discovery en Español Offers Up Exclusive Access Into the Secret World of...

Discovery en Español Offers Up Exclusive Access Into the Secret World of Top U.S. Government Agencies in ‘On The Inside’

A Fascinating World of Interrogations, FBI Investigations and Manhunts is revealed every Sunday this February


MIAMI, Jan. 26 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — With homeland security at the forefront of our national consciousness, starting on Sunday, February 7 at 9 PM ET/PT, Discovery en Español presents On the Inside, a special programming block that will take viewers and immerse them into a world where the protection of the citizenry is paramount.

Airing every Sunday in February, this in-depth look, made-up of five diverse and eye-opening specials, delves into the different areas and agencies that seek to safeguard us from enemies both foreign and domestic.

From the secret tactics and best approaches used by lead interrogators to dismantle an enemy like Al Qaeda, or the high stakes covert strategies of the Secret Service, to the playbook and science behind some of the FBI’s most notorious manhunts, this is programming that captures and reveals what happens in the trenches.

Full of insightful interviews with key operatives, true to life re-enactments, tales of courage and glances into some of the state-of-the-art / classified technology being put to use, this five part topical stunt offers viewers unprecedented behind the scenes access. On the Inside kicks off with an exhilarating look at the legendary FBI’s “Most Wanted List” on the 60th anniversary of its inception.

On the Inside (Discovery Presents)

FBI’s 10 Most Wanted – Sunday, 2/7 at 9 PM E/P

FBI 10 Most Wanted breaks new ground with an exclusive look into the world’s most powerful law enforcement agency: The Federal Bureau of Investigation. This 2-hour special program commemorates the 60th anniversary of the world’s most famous criminal list. Through interviews with former and current FBI Special Agents, this special profiles the most notorious felons to grace the wanted posters, past and present and offers a behind the scenes look into the workings of what it really takes to bring these hardened criminals to justice, as well as how the list originated.

Secrets of Interrogation – Sunday, 2/14 at 9 PM E/P

Secrets of Interrogation is a one-hour special that examines the science behind the world’s most high stakes mind games and features some of the foremost experts in interrogation. We know “they have ways of making you talk,” but what, exactly, are those “ways”? And how effective are they? The program examines what physiological effects certain interrogation techniques have and delves into real-world interrogation tapes with experts as they dissect the strategies and evaluate the results. This special also looks back to some interrogation techniques from wars past and talks to the men who interrogated the highest-ranking Nazi soldiers and scientists after WWII.

Anatomy of a Takedown – Sunday, 2/21 at 9 PM E/P

At any time there are tens of thousands of fugitives in the U.S., and more than 7,000 on the run abroad. Most are caught quickly – in 2007, U.S. Marshalls took down 36,000 federal fugitives and 60,000 state fugitives – but others manage to evade capture for months, years, even decades. And the modern world makes life on the run easier than ever before. The hunted can completely change appearance courtesy of plastic surgery or across continents in hours thanks to the jet plane. But that same modern world also provides the police with ever more sophisticated tools for a successful manhunt: from e-surveillance to airborne tracking, from DNA to CCTV analysis, from forensics to psychological profiling. Anatomy of a Takedown tells the remarkable true stories of recent manhunts to reveal the science and technology that lie behind them.

Secrets of the Secret Service – Sunday, 2/28 at 9 PM E/P

Secrets of the Secret Service is a no holds barred investigation of America’s most mysterious law enforcement agency. Classified technology, secret strategies, deception, and human courage combine to provide the best protection possible. But just one mistake could lose the President. This special explores what it takes to operate in this high stakes environment.

Did the Mob Kill JFK? – Sunday, 2/28 at 10 PM E/P

A riveting one-hour documentary that presents compelling evidence supporting the theory that the mob was behind JFK’s assassination. The program features a never before seen interview with an FBI informant who shared a prison cell with a mafia kingpin who confessed to orchestrating the president’s murder.

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Discovery en Español Offers Up Exclusive Access Into the Secret World of Top U.S. Government Agencies in ‘On The Inside’