Getting Movida Gets Easier: New Convenient Website Top-Up Option Offered, More Retailers...

Getting Movida Gets Easier: New Convenient Website Top-Up Option Offered, More Retailers Offer Nation’s Leading U.S. – Hispanic Phone Service


Miami, FL–(HISPANIC PR WIRE – BUSINESS WIRE)–August 23, 2006–The Cisneros Group of Companies today announced that Movida, the nation’s first pay-as-you-go wireless communications service specifically targeting the more than 40 million Hispanics living in the United States, now offers convenient web-based topping-up to its thousands of cellular phone customers across the nation.

Movida also announced a vast expansion of its retail sales network adding thousands of convenient new outlets from coast-to-coast.

“Now our customers don’t have to leave home to add minutes to their phones,” said Movida Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Enrique Garcia. “They can add $30 or $50 — depending on what they prefer — using either credit or debit card by topping up on our website in the “Refills” section,” he said.

Launched just over one year ago, Movida is already the leader in providing wireless phone service designed for the communications needs, budgets and cultural heritage of the fast-growing U.S.-Hispanic market.

Originally launched at Wal-Mart stores across the nation, Movida is now available at thousands of additional retail sales outlets including Wal-Mart, Kmart, Family Dollar, Circle K, ConocoPhillips, Radio Shack Franchises, Valero Pueblo Foods Puerto Rico and Blockbuster Puerto Rico.

Commenting on the rapid expansion in sales outlets, Movida Chairman Garcia said: “Movida has come so far, so fast, because we provide efficient, easy-to-use, economical service that respects the cultural pride and accomplishments of the people we serve. We are now more than one year old and our growth and success has already exceeded our initial expectations.”

Movida – majority-owned by Cisneros — has teamed with Sprint (NYSE:FON) and Wal-Mart (NYSE:WMT) to begin providing wireless voice and data communications using the Sprint nationwide wireless network, with rate plans that cater to the needs of the U.S. Hispanic market. Through its arrangement with Wal-Mart and other regional sales outlets, Movida is rolling out Movida’s state of the art wireless phones in select U.S. markets.

About Movida

Movida Communications, Inc. is a wireless service provider offering pay-as-you-go wireless voice and data communications services exclusively to the U.S. Hispanic population, using Sprint’s all-digital, all-PCS nationwide wireless network.

As the nation’s first MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) targeted at Hispanics, Movida offers all standard custom calling features plus a suite of international voice and data services featuring culturally and geographically-focused content in Spanish.

About the Cisneros Group of Companies

The Cisneros Group of Companies ( is one of the largest privately held media, entertainment, telecommunications, technology, and consumer products organizations in the world. The Group owns, or holds interests in companies ranging from broadcast television networks and pay television services, to beverage businesses and supermarkets.

Through its diverse businesses, the Cisneros Group of Companies delivers some of the top brands and the highest quality services to the 550 million Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking consumers in the Americas and Europe. The Group has recently expanded its activities from Ibero-America to countries worldwide.

The Cisneros Group’s holdings include majority and minority interests and may be held, directly or indirectly, through partnerships, joint ventures or alliances. Some of the Group’s holdings include interests in: Venevision, the leading broadcast television channel in Venezuela; Venevision International, a Spanish-language entertainment company with specialization in TV programming; Univision Communications Inc. (NYSE:UVN), the number one provider of Spanish-language content to the U.S. Hispanic audience; Movida Communications Group Inc., the first pay-as-you-go wireless communications service specifically targeting Hispanics living in the U.S., Claxson Interactive Group Inc. (XSON), an integrated Ibero-American media and entertainment company; DIRECTV Latin America, a direct-to-home satellite TV provider with operations across the region; Cerveceria Regional, the second-largest brewery and beer distributor in Venezuela; and Pueblo, one of the leading supermarket chains in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. For more information, visit

Getting Movida Gets Easier: New Convenient Website Top-Up Option Offered, More Retailers Offer Nation’s Leading U.S. – Hispanic Phone Service