Love in the Time of Internet: Introducing

Love in the Time of Internet: Introducing


NEW YORK, Feb. 2 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — What happens when you combine Latino romantic traditions with modern, Internet-driven courtship? happens. A new site where lovers can email each other Mariachi serenades in the form of a high quality music video with an uploaded photo and a personalized message.

Developed by Freydell+Torres Diversity (, a New York City-based advertising agency, the new site combines an all-time favorite selection of traditional Mexican mariachi songs (“Ay, Ay, Ay! Cielito Lindo,” “Las Mananitas,” “Ella,” “El Rey,” etc.) with a proprietary application allowing senders to upload a photograph of their choosing and write their own message.

“The digital space has become one more place where lovers express their feelings,” says Humberto Freydell, “from dating sites to video chatting, romantics of all ages have incorporated technology into their lives. And adds a new twist to that need.”

Carlos F. Torres added, “ reflects how the Internet joins people. People are connected and when the need arises to say ‘I love you’ will convey the message.”

In the Latin tradition, serenades are used for a number of reasons and at various occasions, Freydell pointed out. “Do you want to impress her? Send her mariachis. Birthday, anniversary, engagement? Mariachis. If you’re in the doghouse, the Mariachis will also get you out.”

The new site reflects the changing role of advertising agencies, Torres said. “As agencies we now find ourselves in the role of content providers, delivering relevant, engaging and interactive content to a savvy audience. And that’s what does. See for yourself.”



Love in the Time of Internet: Introducing