2013 abc* Continuity Forum Convened Global Leaders to Highlight Innovation and Social...

2013 abc* Continuity Forum Convened Global Leaders to Highlight Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship in Miami


MIAMI, Nov. 8, 2013 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — Yesterday, the abc* Foundation concluded its 2013 Continuity Forum at the New World Center in Miami, Florida. Elite business, media, and political leaders were brought together with 21 social entrepreneurs to listen and engage with speakers including Larry Summers, David Axelrod, Jane Goodall, Thomas E. Lovejoy, Arianna Huffington and others.

During the two-day conference, social entrepreneurs selected by Ashoka, pitched their ideas in addressing critical global issues ranging from poverty and food security to environmental sustainability, in efforts to secure three $100,000 dollar grants and join the foundation’s portfolio of initiatives. The three selected projects, chosen for their potential for scalability and impact in the Americas, will receive abc*’s hands-on support, financial assistance, and data-driven planning for two years. The abc* Foundation will announce the three projects to become partner initiatives in three weeks.

Founded by Latin American business and media leaders Emilio Azcarraga, Chairman and CEO, Grupo Televisa; Angelica Fuentes, President and CEO, Grupo Omnilife; Jorge Vergara, Chairman, Grupo Omnilife; and Mario Scarpetta, Chairman, Grupo Azurita, abc*’s mission is to identify, replicate, and improve the most innovative solutions to social and environmental challenges facing the Americas.

Arianna Huffington opened the event and presented her vision of the future of media with an emphasis on active citizen engagement. Anthropologist Jane Goodall and Oceanographer Sylvia Earle inspired entrepreneurs to reimagine how they can enhance and support conservation efforts of the natural environment. Exploring the phenomenon of American consumerism, artist Chris Jordan presented ideas on combating waste while Thomas Lovejoy promoted the importance of social responsibility.

On day two, “Blackfish” Filmmaker Gabriela Coperthwaite discussed the future of sea life in captivity while Lawrence Summers, President Emeritus of Harvard University, discussed the future of emerging markets and the state of the global economy. David Axelrod then discussed the future of politics and answered a series of questions from social entrepreneurs and Anousheh Ansari concluded the Forum with a discussion on the future of space exploration and technological innovation.

Please visit http://www.abccontinuityforum.com for full program details and a list of all participants.

About the abc* Foundation

The abc* Foundation was created in 2008 by the Poder Magazine team in conjunction with several top Latin American media and business leaders seeking to strengthen the culture of philanthropic engagements in the Americas. abc* is a think-do tank fostering deep and continuous engagement by pairing the best innovators with the resources they need to deliver sustainable impact. Through this method of investment philanthropy they work to maximize impact and introduce competition so that social and environmental investments enjoy the same returns we strive for in all other markets.

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2013 abc* Continuity Forum Convened Global Leaders to Highlight Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship in Miami