New Tri Tax President and CEO Frank Montano Brings Years of Corporate...

New Tri Tax President and CEO Frank Montano Brings Years of Corporate Leadership to Booming Company

Impressive credentials include executive positions with McDonalds, Marriott


SAN PEDRO, Calif., Nov. 20 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — In an effort to help the company manage its phenomenal growth, Tri Tax is pleased to welcome seasoned business executive and franchising expert Frank Montano in the position of President and CEO. Current President and CEO Carlos Marquez, founder of Tri Tax, plans to remain active in the company via his new role as Chairman.

Montano brings with him an impressive track record of results for companies such as Arby’s, Taco Bell, Sbarro, Moto Photo, and the Marriott Corporation, where he worked his way up to positions like Vice President of Franchising, President, and COO. Though he’s reached the upper echelon of the business world, it’s his team approach to Operations that has made the difference in his extraordinary career. “I’ve ‘walked the walk’ and worked alongside those I’ve led, so I can truly understand the issues that people face. I believe that everyone has an important position and that it’s the work of the entire team that gets the final result.”

“We are very fortunate to have Mr. Montano,” says Marquez. “His resume reads like a who’s who of franchising. He’s managed multimillion-dollar companies, and we’re looking forward to the level of experience and expertise he brings to Tri Tax.”

Montano, who is fluent in English and Spanish, intends to continue what Marquez started by positioning Tri Tax as an opportunity to secure the American dream regardless of a person’s background. “I learned business from the ground up — not from theory — so I know how difficult it is to start your own business,” he says. “I think I can be useful to franchisees, especially Hispanics, wanting to get into business by advising them and helping them along the way. Nothing is more rewarding than seeing franchisees reach their goals and make a living at something they enjoy and are good at.”

His own life has taught him that the sky is the limit, an attitude that he hopes to model for Tri Tax franchisees. “I grew up poor in southern Arizona and learned at a young age that I had to work twice as hard as the other guy to make it in this world. I live by the motto that I learned from one of my first employers, an Arby’s franchisee: think big, work hard, make money, play fair, have fun, and make a difference. I hope to make a difference here.”

With Montano taking over the day-to-day operations of Tri Tax, Marquez is free to focus on moving the company forward in other ways. “I got into franchising to help others achieve their dreams and, in doing so, a great company was formed,” he says. “Tri Tax will always be a major part of my life as Chairman and Founder, and now I can devote more of my time to developing a stronger connection with the community we serve.”

About Tri Tax

Carlos Marquez founded Tri Tax in San Pedro, California, while still in junior high. His passion for assisting individuals and families across all economic segments led to a booming business that soon outgrew its initial site. He relocated to Wilmington, California, and began franchising the company, giving others the opportunity to experience the limitless success he had created for himself. In 2009, Frank Montano was appointed President and CEO, while Marquez remains active as Founder and Chairman of the company. For more information, visit the Tri Tax web site at


New Tri Tax President and CEO Frank Montano Brings Years of Corporate Leadership to Booming Company