El Hispano News “Parents Step Ahead” Program Introduced in Irving

El Hispano News “Parents Step Ahead” Program Introduced in Irving

Eligible families in Irving received home computers for the continued education and personal development of their children's education


IRVING, Texas, March 21 /HISPANIC PR WIRE-PRNewswire/ — The third annual El Hispano News’ “Parents Step Ahead” program, sponsored by Wal-Mart, Inc., ETS and McDonald’s, kicked off 2008 in Irving, Texas. In partnership with Irving Independent School District, (IISD), the event was held at Stephen F. Austin Middle School on March 8, 2008. The free half-day morning event consisted of educational seminars ranging in topics from Gang Awareness for Parents, Drug Prevention and Test-taking skills, among others. A complimentary breakfast by McDonald’s was given; and day care was offered free of charge. Parents in attendance were entertained by IISD students and with door prizes being given away through out the event. Two desk top computers including printers were raffled off at the end of the event courtesy of Wal-Mart, Inc. Thanks to a donation of 21 computers by Wal-Mart, Inc. last year, seven computers and printers were awarded to deserving parents at the 2007 “Parents Step Ahead” Parent of the Year award ceremony. The remainder of the computers and printers will be raffled off through out the year at various events.

“We’re lucky El Hispano News came to us and invited us to partner with them. ‘Parents Step Ahead’ is a great opportunity for parents to receive information on how to prepare their children for higher education. We felt it was important to offer all the information in both English and Spanish so the program would be available to all people. In the Fall we plan on the continuing the program,” said Jose Villaseñor, Program Director, Parent & Student Services, IISD. The mission of “Parents Step Ahead” is to recognize, educate, empower and enable parents to take a proactive role in the educational and personal development of their children. As part of this effort, schools districts in Dallas, Fort Worth, Garland and Irving will be hosting events through out the 2008 calendar year. The next two events are scheduled for:

April 5, 2008

Sunset High School

2120 W. Jefferson Blvd.

Dallas, TX 75208

May 17, 2008

Cisneros Pre-K Center

2826 Fifth St.

Garland, TX 75041

More events will follow throughout the DFW area in the Fall. “The excitement and readiness with which IISD embraced “Parents Step Ahead” and the response we received from parents at Austin Middle School reassures us that we are providing a much needed service to our Communities while collaborating with schools to ensure a better future for our kids, because we firmly believe parents ultimately have the greatest power to influence on their kids in a positive way”, said Lupita Colmenero, founder of “Parents Step Ahead” and co-publisher of El Hispano News. To conclude the program selected parents will be honored in a special award ceremony, in December, and recognized as the 2008 El Hispano News’ “Parents Step Ahead” Parents of the

Year and given a desk top computer and printer among other prizes. Selection criteria are -based on event attendance and the submission of two essays. One essay is written by the parent on the importance of their involvement in the education of their child and the other essay is written by the child on why they think their mom or dad should be the Parent of the Year. To view clips from the event in Irving, please visit: http://www.irvingisd.net/television/ISTV.htm .

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A community outreach initiative aimed at recognizing, educating, enabling and empowering parents to take a proactive role in the educational and personal development of their children. Please visit http://www.parentsstepahead.org .

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El Hispano News “Parents Step Ahead” Program Introduced in Irving