El Semanario de San Diego Gives Readers Broader Array of Online Resources...

El Semanario de San Diego Gives Readers Broader Array of Online Resources with Launch of http://www.elsemanarioonline.com, a Partner Web Site of Hispanic Digital Network


Escondido, CA–(HISPANIC PR WIRE)–March 28, 2005–El Semanario de San Diego announced today that it has launched http://www.elsemanarioonline.com, an attractive and powerful site to better serve its readers and advertisers. El Semanario’s Web site was created by and is now part of Hispanic Digital Network (HDN), the nation’s first network of Hispanic publications online, with an ever-growing network of 47 Hispanic publication websites.

“The quality and resources available on our new Web site will be evident to our readers and advertisers immediately,” said Juan Ortega, publisher of El Semanario. “ElSemanarioonline.com is fully optimized to provide readers with a richer Internet experience that includes the latest news, photos, community calendar events, online classifieds, advertisement specials and much more.”

A key highlight of the Web site for advertisers will be their ability to target their online ads to specific sections of the http://www.elsemanarioonline.com site such as sports, entertainment, local news and other categories and sections. Elsemanarioonline.com is also hotwired to enable advertisers to reach viewers with Rich Media and other cutting edge Web technology ads. The Web site also features a fully searchable Internet classifieds system that even allows advertisers to post color photos with classifieds listings.

Readers desiring the latest dates and times for concerts and other entertainment events will be especially pleased with http://www.elsemanarioonline.com’s top-of-the-line community calendar section. This section lets readers view the most comprehensive listing of Latino happenings in San Diego and Tijuana available anywhere. Readers can search events by month, date and year, up to one year in advance.

Elsemanarioonline.com also features sections for letters to the editor, Web links of interest to Latino readers, an archive of past stories and many other resources, but Ortega says this is only the beginning.

“This is a new and exciting era for El Semanario and its readers as we elevate the quality of everything that we do and how we do it,” said Ortega. “Through our Web site and with the help of our partners at Hispanic Digital Network, we’re confident that our readers are going to be able to enjoy terrific content and information that will keep them coming back to us everyday.”

The addition of El Semanario de San Diego brings the ever-growing network of HDN publication websites to 47. The other new members include: Las Americas (http://www.lasamericasnews.com) from Washington, DC; El Mundo (http://www.elmundonewspaper.com) from Austin, TX; El Semanario (www.elsemanario.net) from Denver, CO; El Aguila (http://www.elaguilanews.com) from White Plains, NY; Inmigrantes en Acción (http://www.inmigrantesenaccion.us) from Ft. Lauderdale, FL; Extra Hispano (http://www.extranewspaper.com) from West Palm Beach, FL; and El Editor (http://www.eleditor.com) from Lubbock, TX.

About El Semanario de San Diego

El Semanario de San Diego, formerly known as El Semanario Deportivo, is a Hispanic newspaper that is 100% in Spanish and free, dedicated to the Hispanic community of San Diego. El Semanario has been publishing for 8 years punctually without interruption throughout all of San Diego County, bringing the message of its advertisers to the Hispanic public. El Semanario’s next goal is to offer complete coverage of the most important news happening in Mexico, Latin America and the United States. Currently, it has a circulation of 20,000 per week. El Semanario’s advertisers will have the opportunity to reach potential customers on a grand scale with the newspaper’s average reach of 60,000 readers (three people read each copy), and by May 2005 there will be more than 150,000 potential readers.

About Hispanic Digital Network

Hispanic Digital Network (HDN) is the nation’s first Internet advertising network of U.S. Hispanic newspaper and magazine publications. HDN provides Hispanic-focused publications nationwide that meet specific qualifications with free, customized news websites and web hosting. HDN serves the business needs of Hispanic agencies and advertisers by offering one dedicated company that can buy, sell and manage Internet-only media campaigns that involve hundreds of small and large Hispanic publications. HDN also provides web design services specializing in customized projects, database development, corporate identity, Flash animation, web hosting and Internet marketing. For more information, visit HDN’s corporate website at http://www.hdnweb.com or call 1-866-4-HDN-WEB.

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El Semanario de San Diego Gives Readers Broader Array of Online Resources with Launch of http://www.elsemanarioonline.com, a Partner Web Site of Hispanic Digital Network