Circulation Audits Mean Success for Minority Publishers

Circulation Audits Mean Success for Minority Publishers


Washington, DC–(HISPANIC PR WIRE)–April 13, 2004–The Hispanic publishing business continues to expand and become more competitive while improving its ad sales and readership credibility. Many publications find circulation audits to be increasingly beneficial in growing pick-up rates, circulation and readership, which translates into higher ROI for their advertisers.

The National Hispanic Press Foundation, (National Association of Hispanic Publications’ Foundation) continues the “Audit Means Money” program, which offers free circulation audits to Hispanic-owned publications that are not audited. The small business initiative is generously sponsored by the Verizon Foundation.

“The reason for any publication to be audited is credibility with their advertisers. Providing an independent, third party verification of their distribution gives the publication instant credibility among advertisers and advertising agencies,” said Mark Stoecklin of Certified Audit Circulation.

According to the most recent Audit Means Money Report, the number of publications without current circulation audits identified increased by 30.4 percent from 2003 to 2004. Out of 90 publications identified, 10 percent already completed their first audit through the “Audit Means Money” program, while 43 percent are in the process of being audited.

The NAHP Foundation aggressively educates Hispanic publishers about the many advantages of using a circulation audit. “The major impediment for Hispanic publishers to take on circulation audits is lack of knowledge. Many publishers fear that audits will only target their publications for criticism when that’s not even close to the real scenario,” said Tom Oliver, NAHP Foundation Executive Director and CEO.

NAHP Inc. member publication El Latino has shown that circulation audits produce winning results. The newspaper has one of the highest pick-up rates in the United States. “Reputable circulation audits, like those of Audit Bureau of Circulation, Certified Audit of Circulation, Circulation Verification Council and Verified Audit Circulation, are an effective tool to better target distribution, increase readership and pass rates,” said Ray Guerrero, publisher of El Latino, in San Diego, CA.

The Foundation has offered various seminars in which experts from major circulation audit companies discussed the specifics of auditing. The most recent seminar took place at the NAHP Inc. Annual Convention in Los Angeles in March.

James Desser of Verified Audit Circulation explained that the publications, which refuse to be audited, usually are unwilling to invest appropriate capital; have most of their advertisers locally or misstate their distribution numbers to attract advertising.

The circulation audit program also eases federal and state governments’ initiatives to reach minority communities through paid communications. Circulation audits are often required for federal and state procurement contracts for print campaigns.

Improving the professional development of many of these small businesses, the program not only attracts potential new media buyers, but also increases the quality and credibility of Hispanic print. Many of those who completed their first audit have already signed for the second year.

“The program is designed to grow better business practices among minority publishers who have not undertaken circulation audits in the past,” said Eddie Escobedo, Chairman of the NAHP Foundation and publisher of El Mundo in Las Vegas, NV.

To be qualified to participate in the “Audit Means Money” program publications must be Hispanic-owned, at least one year old, and cannot have been audited during the previous two years.

The “Audit Means Money” program is offered to any nationwide publications meeting these guidelines. For more information about the program, please contact Joe Carrillo at 202-662-7256 or e-mail

For more information call 202-662-7250 or e-mail

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Circulation Audits Mean Success for Minority Publishers