Ring In The New Year With A New Perspective On Weight Loss

Ring In The New Year With A New Perspective On Weight Loss

Motivation and gratification key to weight loss success


Pittsburgh, PA–(HISPANIC PR WIRE)–December 27, 2007–According to a survey of 400 Hispanic women (conducted by Encuesta, Inc. for GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare [NYSE:GSK]) almost 50% doubt whether they have what it takes to succeed at weight control, and they say that their motivation seldom lasts. To succeed in weight loss, you need a weight loss program that allows you to stay motivated, gives you rewards and allows you to enjoy your favorite foods in moderation while giving you support. This New Years, motivation is the key ingredient to add to your weight loss effort.

“Traditional diets can be frustrating, boring, and can leave you feeling disappointing,” according to psychologist Dr. Ana Rivas-Vazquez. “It’s not just about what you eat and the quick fix, but about successful and gradual weight loss and the encouragement along the way.”

Programs with proven results that reward you for your weight loss efforts can keep you motivated. When you lose pounds you see the benefits of your hard work. alli(R), the only FDA-approved over-the-counter weight loss product, can help you lose 50 percent more weight than with dieting alone, which is true motivation. alli is safe and it works in the digestive system, so it won’t make your heart race. It can block about 1/4 of the fat in the foods you eat which reduces some of the amount of fat and calories absorbed. alli must be used in conjunction with a reduced-calorie, low-fat diet. People in studies who adhered to the diet reported satisfaction with the product and weight loss results.

The alli program teaches overweight adults how to eat for weight loss success and a healthier lifestyle overall. “In combination with a reduced-calorie, low-fat diet, the alli program offers people a safe, gradual and effective over-the-counter option for weight loss. This is just what many Hispanic women need to keep them motivated and encouraged,” adds Dr. Ana Rivas-Vazquez. In addition, alli offers a comprehensive support program in Spanish through http://www.mialli.com , providing advice from experts, recipes, meal plans, access to a community of alli users and more.

GSK Consumer Healthcare conducted this study to better understand the mindset of the Hispanic woman looking to lose weight and exposes the practical and emotional side of weight loss failures. These insights were taken into account during the launch of alli, the only FDA-approved over-the-counter weight loss product, in June 2007. Now, GSK Consumer Healthcare is sharing these insights to help raise awareness among Hispanic overweight adults about why some diets will fail, and what can be done to realistically achieve weight loss goals.

Key Findings

The GlaxoSmithKline Weight Loss Dynamics Study surveyed 400 Hispanic American women between ages of 18-69 who consider themselves slightly or very overweight.

— Almost half of women polled admit to having made between 1 and 4 attempts to lose weight.

— 56% percent also admit to regaining the weight lost during their most recent effort.

— 71% of Hispanic women surveyed want to lose between 1-30 pounds; 34% wanted to lose between 11-20 pounds

— Greatest percentage of respondents became overweight in their 20s and 30s:

– 37% of Hispanic women became overweight between 20-29

– 28% became overweight between 30-39

— Health is most common reason for wanting to lose weight: 78% of women agreed, while 27% also cite wanting to look better, thinner and more attractive as a reason. Almost half (46%) of Hispanic women polled have made between 1-4 attempts to lose weight

– 56% of respondents regained weight lost during their last attempt

– 95% of these women claim that “to lose weight and keep it off, I know I need to change my eating habits permanently”

— Most common methods for weight loss attempts among Hispanic women:

– 58% exercise; 50% eating healthier; 38% Dieting on your own; 17% OTC appetite suppressant, herbal product or weight loss supplement

— On average, Hispanic women polled spent an average of $216.80 for one month on weight loss products and methods

– 90% of Hispanic women polled usually cook food prepared from scratch, but less than half (40%) claim that they eat nutritious, well-balanced meals every day

– And they cook for others! More than 85% of respondents strongly or somewhat agree that preparing a meal for your family is a way you show you care about them

The study was conducted by Encuesta, Inc., via telephone interviews conducted between November 29, 2005 and January 8, 2006 among a nationally representatives sample (48 states and Washington, D.C.) of 400 females (and 200 males) of Hispanic or Latino origin or descent.

About alli(R)

alli is the only FDA-approved weight-loss product available to overweight adults, 18 years or older, without a prescription. It combines a clinically-proven product with a comprehensive individualized action plan. The alli program encourages modest, gradual weight loss, known by experts as the best way to lose weight. alli (60 mg orlistat capsules) is safe and effective when used as directed.

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Ring In The New Year With A New Perspective On Weight Loss