Directly from the Streets of Los Angeles mun2 television Presents ‘Off the...

Directly from the Streets of Los Angeles mun2 television Presents ‘Off the Roof’

The show airs Monday through Friday at 10PM ET/PT


Miami, FL–(HISPANIC PR WIRE)–September 23, 2003–“Off the Roof,” mun2 television’s fast-paced magazine style show focused on Latinos from the West coast, is moving its production to the streets of Los Angeles. “Off the Roof” airs Monday through Friday at 10PM ET/PT, and is hosted by Paola and Alex III.

“Los Angeles is a city that vibrates with Latin culture, making its streets an ideal location to show the rest of the country the colors, sounds and artistic expressions of youth from the west coast,” said Yolanda Foster, Vice President of Programming at mun2 television.

“Off the Roof” features a variety of segments including:

–Sound Off: Exploring the streets of L.A. to discover the issues affecting urban youth.

–Game Plan: Featuring from soccer to baseball, extreme sports and martial arts. Warning: this segment is full of adrenaline.

–The Buzz: Viewers don’t need a VIP invitation to get into the hottest and most exclusive events, because the cameras of “Off the Roof” place them right at the red carpet.

–Rise & Shine: This segment covers the grass root journey to success for community, business, educational and political leaders, who tell us their real story.

–Artofficial: The art world from the subway to the gallery, bringing the audience the most innovative underground artwork.

–The Mix Down: The latest music hits, hottest artist and musicians making history.

–Flick It: Highlighting the efforts of independent short filmmakers by airing their work and conducting an interview regarding their inspiration and motivation.

“Off the Roof” is hosted by Paola y Alex III. Paola began her career hosting beauty pageants across Mexico. Her talent led her to host a regional one-hour magazine TV show titled “Expresate,” where she proved to be an immediate success gaining the show national distribution. Her background also includes leading roles in two movies and the production of an entertainment news radio program. Alex III began as a professional DJ at the age of 15 performing at private events in Los Angeles. He soon made a name for himself and landed a job as DJ for Radio Kali 1430 AM, the first station to promote Latin rock pop in L.A. He moved on to co-produced and co-host a show on Ritmo 98.3 FM, and finally to Super Estrella where he’s currently one of their star DJs.

mun2 television is the bilingual alternative for young U.S. Latinos. As part of NBC Cable Networks, mun2 offers a fresh, new and authentic programming line-up reaching more than 5.8 million households. Launched in 2001, mun2 is a division of Telemundo, which is wholly-owned and operated by NBC.



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Directly from the Streets of Los Angeles mun2 television Presents ‘Off the Roof’