CaribeVision Has Its First Anniversary

CaribeVision Has Its First Anniversary

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MIAMI, Sept. 12 /PRNewswire/ — CaribeVision Television Networks announced today that this Thursday, September 11, CaribeVision is marking a milestone in television history with its first anniversary. One among several Hispanic TV networks in the United States, it is coming to the end of its first year on the air offering great programming to Puerto Rico, Miami and New York, as well as to millions of Hispanics all over the continent.

CaribeVision is bringing blockbusting international products directly to the screen, and has four productions created by the network, but it also has a number of other projects generating content and a great many initiatives shown throughout the country, while it is also accessible to English speakers, to whom we offer programs with sub-titles.

“I’m very grateful to the viewers of CaribeVision who tune in each day. The Latino community in the United States has always been our priority, and that’s who we work for. I’m so pleased to affirm that we are part of this great big Hispanic family that opens its doors to us each day. It’s a commitment to preserve their traditions and culture through our programming, that’s why we emphasize the difference, as a choice that is welcome to this viewing audience. In this great big celebration, the audience is really the biggest star of all, and so we send them our best wishes on this anniversary,” said Carlos Barba, President and CEO of Programming for CaribeVision.

CaribeVision, unique in the Hispanic TV market, has finely crafted serials, including one with the foremost actress in the history of Brazilian television, Suzana Vieira, in “Senora del Destino,” whose audience just keeps on growing. Along the same lines, since Monday, September 8, the network has brought another terrific Brazilian production to TV screens, “Como una Ola,” a series that attains the highest levels of empathy with its outstanding quality.

Over the course of this past year CaribeVision has presented its programming with great technical proficiency, and thanks to the cohesiveness and dedication of its crew, it has reaffirmed its standing as a showcase for international talent. It is no accident that CaribeVision has become the best choice for entertainment in Hispanic television in the U.S.

CaribeVision is, moreover, one of the leading channels for variety programs. It has a substantial block of diverse offerings ranging from musical features to news, while showcasing the only program produced and broadcast from the island of enchantment, Puerto Rico, highlighting one of the most respected and renowned journalists in the medium, Ruben Sanchez, with his program “Ruben Sanchez Directo” (Ruben Sanchez Live).

The network also has a lot to offer when it comes to sports, with an acclaimed program on Saturdays at 10:00 p.m., which makes us the official home of Atlante Soccer Club’s Potros de Hierro, one of the hottest soccer teams going, broadcasting live games with announcer Ernesto Amador.

Our in-house productions such as “Al Salir de Clase” and “Floricienta” appeal to young audiences. Younger members in the household can enjoy Caribevision’s block of teen programs. Moving right along with the queen of talk shows, Margarita Pasos, appearing on her show, “Margarita te voy a Contar,” spells out for us each afternoon the most important details of the different situations we live through as human beings, sharing a message of spiritual and human growth.

For those who prefer laughter and relaxation, CaribeVision offers “Escenas de Matrimonio,” stories of ordinary couples just like you and me, with their day-to-day marital difficulties. Keyed to a different format, but also packed with an hour of laughter we get “AIDA,” one of Caribevision’s most popular programs.

A show that goes beyond super productions, “Lalola” situates the audience in a reality presented with unparalleled style, imbued with glamour and the good life, presenting Susan Gimenez, “La Diva de America,” bringing us the best of the best of America by CaribeVision.

There’s no shortage of entertainment on weekends: CaribeVision has the hottest shows on Spanish Television: “Hospital Central,” “El Comisario,” “Los Serrano,” “Karlos en tu Cocina” and “Me lo Dices o Me lo Cuentas” with Lorena Berdun, one of Spain’s best known sexologists. If you’re a fan of the utmost in Hollywood chic, Sundays feature “Hollywood Cafe” with the delightful Caroline Barba, and the latest updates on the silver screen, followed by a familiar offering in “Hollywood Cafe la Pelicula.” If you are one of those TV viewers who loves culture and folklore, CaribeVision offers you a program with Jorge Vergel in “Asi Canta mi Tierra.” One of the most amusing shows on Argentine TV comes overflowing with laughs and wit with Guillermo Francella in “Pone a Francella.” If you are a lover of suspense, we have “Infieles” and “Mujeres Asesinas” every Sunday starting at 10:00 featuring social intrigue.

The littlest ones in the house can also enjoy children’s programming starring one of the funniest clowns in Hispanic television, your friend “Lucky,” who regales us with his shenanigans as he educates the leaders of the future with music, dance and sheer entertainment.

Interspersed between comedy and entertainment, we could not fail to provide a glimpse of the community through up-to-the-minute news covering local, national and foreign events in sixty seconds. “Enterese Primero” is the program featuring well-known journalists whose presence has made itself felt in the community. In Miami, Florida, Maite Luna and Arlena Amaro set the standard bringing us the news the viewing public requires, just like Jessica Gonzalez in Puerto Rico and Luis Velasco in New Cork.

And this is just the beginning for what is bound to become the best TV network in the Hispanic market. CaribeVision doesn’t shield itself behind promises, it shows its promise with its daily actions focused on offering an exclusive product that will satisfy TV viewers’ expectations. No doubt about it, this young Hispanic channel is going to stand tall in the history of television as an option that can’t be beat.


About CaribeVision Television Network

CaribeVision Television Network, which reaches more than 7 million households, is owned by Pegaso TV (owned by the Burillo Azcarraga family, TeleCinco and Quantek) and Barba Television. CaribeVision is the only 24/7 television network serving the entertainment, news, sports and information needs of both Hispanic and general audience viewers who have an interest in the culture and lifestyle of the Caribbean. Carried by the nation’s top MSOs, including Time Warner Cable and Comcast, the fully advertising-supported network currently serves the markets of New York (WPXO-TV), Miami (WFUN-TV) and Puerto Rico. In Puerto Rico, CaribeVision is available via WJPX Channel 24 (San Juan), WIRS Channel 42 (Jayuya), WKPV Channel 20 (Ponce), WJWN-TV Channel 38 (Aguada),Choice Cable — Cannel 21, Liberty Cable — Channel 24, One Link — Channel 24. The four full power stations provide 100 percent coverage of the island. In addition to airing first-run, originally produced series and specials that directly reflect the beauty, rhythm, and passion of the tropics, CaribeVision also airs some of Spain’s most popular programming and news shows from Italy (as a result of its partnerships with TeleCinco.). For more information about CaribeVision, please visit:

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CaribeVision Has Its First Anniversary