Fresh Geoscape Data Defines Multicultural Landscape

Fresh Geoscape Data Defines Multicultural Landscape


Miami, FL–(HISPANIC PR WIRE)–October 26, 2006–Geoscape unveiled its 2007 geo-demographic database, which illustrates thousands of powerful facts from across the nation at micro and macro levels of geography. Geoscape is holding its 3rd Annual Multicultural Market Intelligence Summit at the Mandarin Oriental in Miami. Presenters include top corporations such as UnitedHealthcare, Allstate, Nestle, Americatel, Comcast, MTV/VH-1, Albertsons and many others. Over 200 marketing, media and strategy executives will gather to discuss the future of America’s diverse marketplace.

American Marketscape DataStream: 2007 Series (AMDS) features detailed records on all sectors of the American populace and consumer spending.

AMDS is built by a team of specialized demographers, statistical modelers and database programmers in a perennial venture to stay at the cutting-edge of market intelligence. AMDS is built from the ground-truth upward—households to block groups to metro areas and the nation for optimal accuracy. Published at eight levels of current geographic units, block group, census tract, ZIP code, county, metro area, DMA, state and nation, AMDS is an entirely unique data resource.

Far beyond the Census and up-to-date, AMDS delivers precise data for business, marketing and media investment decisions—unlike cursory efforts that pretend to seriously address the subject.

Some of the highlights in the AMDS 2007 Executive Summary Report include:

— Hispanics will number over 45 million on July 1, 2007 and 51.4 million by 2012.

— African Americans will number over 37 million in 2007 and nearly 40 million by 2012.

— Asians will number over 14 million in 2007 and nearly 16 million by 2012.

— From 2000 to 2007 more than 10 million additional Hispanics joined the American population.

— Hispanics account for 50% of the total population growth.

— Asians lead in terms of growth rate with 34% and Hispanics grew by 29%.

— The U.S. population will add in excess of 20 million more people overall.

— More than 17 million and over 84% of the growth from Hispanics, Asians and African Americans.

— An additional Hispanic joins the U.S. population each 26 seconds.

— Non-Hispanic Whites are the minority 305 counties—including some of the largest like Los Angeles & Chicago’s Cook.

— New Orleans lost nearly 200 thousand African Americans since Hurricane Katrina.

— Asians top the list in terms of median annual household income at nearly $65 thousand.

— Over one-third of Hispanic households earn more than $50 thousand per year.

The AMDS 2007 Executive Summary Report is available at

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Fresh Geoscape Data Defines Multicultural Landscape