Global Kids On Board the Peace Ship

Global Kids On Board the Peace Ship


New York, NY–(HISPANIC PR WIRE – BUSINESS WIRE)–August 11, 2003–Nine Global Kids Leaders and three trainers are leading substantive workshops and participating in myriad cultural events designed to promote an appreciation of diversity on the Peace Boat.

The Global Kids are joined on the Peace Boat by youth from Educators for Social Responsibility and DCTV and 800 mostly Japanese passengers. The Hague Appeal for Peace made the connections.

The Peace Boat evolved out of a desire on the part of the Japanese founders to reach out to Koreans and others who suffered during World War II and has subsequently extended to a global program. Global Kids is a New York City non-profit educational organization dedicated to empowering urban youth to become global citizens and community leaders.

While the ship is traveling around the world, the Global Kids’ participation is for two weeks, during which time they will lead workshops on teambuilding, imperialism, tourism and globalization and youth activism. While docked in Montego Bay, Jamaica they will meet with an environmental justice organization.

The Peace Boat embarked from New York City on Sunday evening, August 10 and will travel through the Panama Canal prior to the Global Kids returning to the United States from Costa Rica on August 21.

Prior to departure the Global Kids toured New York City and participated in the Nagasaki Day of Action against nuclear proliferation and in remembrance of the bombing of that Japanese city.

Global Kids are from Canarsie High School, International High School, Grace Dodge High School and Global Kids Citywide Leadership.

The Global Kids organization, founded by Carole Artigiani, focuses on leadership development, academic enrichment and support, peer education and social action to ensure that young people of diverse backgrounds have the knowledge, skills and experiences they need to succeed in the workplace and participate in the shaping of public policy and international relations. Global Kids have an extraordinary ability, plus the talent, energy and creativity to address complex domestic and international issues. Many of the Global Kids come from the ranks of students considered at-risk of academic failure.



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Global Kids On Board the Peace Ship