Hispanic Business Magazine’s December Issue Analyzes Global Trends and What They Mean...

Hispanic Business Magazine’s December Issue Analyzes Global Trends and What They Mean for the Future of Hispanic Media


Santa Barbara, CA–(HISPANIC PR WIRE)–December 3, 2007–Hispanic Business magazine’s December issue is driven by global trends and what they mean for the future of Hispanic media which traditionally closes each year with an in-depth look at U.S. Hispanic media.

The issue is devoted to the globalization of Hispanic media, which industry experts and advertising executives say has both advantages and disadvantages in our cover story. For example, while the internationalization of U.S. Hispanic marketing and media gives consumers more options, some see a downside in hiring advertising professionals from Latin America who don’t fully understand consumers in the U.S. Hispanic market.

While a growing variety of media companies based in Latin America and Mexico are chasing Hispanic consumers, Hispanic advertising agencies are hiring talent in droves from the two regions, and practically every general market advertising agency interested in owning a Hispanic agency has purchased or launched such a unit. Hispanic media executives say that the growing global influence on U.S. Hispanic-oriented media is inevitable, and the impact is mixed.

December’s issue also looks at TV giant, Univision and the challenges it faces in maintaining its media dominance while repaying the heavy debt load the company assumed after its $12.3 billion sale to Broadcast Partners, a consortium of private investors.

Spanish Broadcasting Systems is another company that lands in the Hispanic Business spotlight. December’s issue covers the companies improved radio ratings along with its dwindling stock price.

Broadcasting Media Partners and its $210 million in ad revenues tops the Hispanic Business’s list of 100 top Hispanic advertisers, which also includes AT&T, McDonalds and Ford in the top 10.

December’s issue also features a report that shows where companies are spending their ad dollars to reach the U.S. Hispanic consumer. While broadcast and radio still dominate Hispanic ad spending, Internet advertising represents 4.6 percent of the total expenditure in 2007, up from 3.5 percent in 2006. Hispanic online display ad revenue will reach $179.86 million in 2007, a 36.3 percent increase over 2006 ad revenues, according to HispanTelligence(R) estimates.

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Hispanic Business Magazine’s December Issue Analyzes Global Trends and What They Mean for the Future of Hispanic Media