EnsenaSoft takes Chinese Game Mahjong to Next Level as the First Latin...

EnsenaSoft takes Chinese Game Mahjong to Next Level as the First Latin American-developed App for Windows 8


MAZATLAN, Mexico, July 12, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Eliminating tiles just got more fun! EnsenaSoft, an independent software developer of educational-, board-, puzzle- and word-games, is the first Latin American company to publish an app for Windows 8 Release Preview, in the form of the classic, tile-switching, Chinese dominoes game of Mahjong.

EnsenaSoft, known for its games and educational applications for multiple platforms including tablets and phones, took its wildly popular Mahjong Deluxe+ game to the Windows Store and compared the experience with their iTunes version of the same game. “The process to get into the Windows Store is very fluid” said Samuel DenHartog, Ensenasoft’s Chief Creative Officer. “We also liked the comprehensive information offered to developers, which on other platforms require a separate statistics package”. Using this data, DenHartog says they quickly discovered their new app was expanding their market, with a majority of downloads coming from outside the US, where 60% of their users are typically located. “Our numbers from China are very strong. Results are clearly above our expectations, especially for a preview version. We are very excited because there seems to be a potential for a much larger market for Windows than with the other platforms,” continued DenHartog.

While EnsenaSoft made some changes to the game’s navigation and location of controls for Windows 8, the overall visual design has been updated to immerse the users in the game using the entire screen. According to DenHartog, “the interface in Windows 8 offers something different to users. You want to take advantage of those things in your application instead of just doing a touch-optimized app.”

“Our priority is to have the highest quality apps for Windows 8,” said Aidan Marcuss, senior director of Windows Core Marketing and Ecosystem at Microsoft Corp. Marcuss adds: “EnsenaSoft has taken a classic Windows game and reimagined it for Windows 8 Release Preview, putting content before chrome.”

With a philosophy of bringing users’ favorite games to every device, the company is proud about being the first Latin American vendor to publish an app for Windows 8 – especially with a game as popular as this one. Mahjong Deluxe+ is currently available as a free download in the Windows Store: http://apps.microsoft.com/webpdp/en-us/app/mahjong-deluxe/d3874df5-c971-49ea-ae58-28b25994863f

Mahjong Deluxe+ is also getting rave reviews from such testing sites as Softonic, who says “since it’s made to look it’s best on Windows new Metro interface, Mahjong Deluxe+ is really a good-looking app. If you like the genre, you’ll be very pleased with this version.” (Source: http://mahjong-deluxe-metro.en.softonic.com/?ab=2 )

EnsenaSoft also created a barnyard-themed version of the app for Windows 8 Release Preview, available now in the Windows Store, which children can play and test before its release. This quirky, down-on-the-farm themed mahjong offers 168 different puzzles, fun animal sounds, random tile orders, and the ability to match cats to cats, or dogs to dogs. EnsenaSoft is looking forward to offering many more of these fun and exciting apps for Windows 8 in the future. DenHartog concludes: “We think we are going to do great on Windows 8 and that will lift us on other platforms as well.”

Based in Mazatlan, Mexico, EnsenaSoft is a close-knit team of programmers, designers, artists and musicians committed to delivering the best and most entertaining content in the areas of educational-, board-, puzzle- and word-games to consumers of all ages. Since its founding in 2009, the EnsenaSoft team has quickly established itself as a reputable developer releasing high-quality educational titles on multiple platforms that are fun to play.

SOURCE EnsenaSoft, S.A. de C.V.

EnsenaSoft takes Chinese Game Mahjong to Next Level as the First Latin American-developed App for Windows 8