GOP Hispanic Outreach Falls Flat

GOP Hispanic Outreach Falls Flat

Poll shows Democrats with 59%-23% lead if elections were held today


Washington, DC–(HISPANIC PR WIRE – U.S Newswire)–July 20, 2006–The Washington Post reports today that despite the Republican Party’s rosy rhetoric about their outreach to Hispanic voters and the inroads they’ve made, Hispanics are in fact now overwhelmingly rejecting the failed leadership of President Bush and the Republican Congress. The results come less than a month after Republican National Committee Chairman Ken Mehlman told an audience of Latino elected officials from around the country that reaching out to Hispanics was “vitally important” and claimed that “a Republican Party that does not reach out to Hispanics cannot win … and a Republican Party that does not reach out to Hispanics does not deserve to win.” [Washington Post, 7/20/2006; Ken Mehlman remarks at NALEO, 6/22/2006].

The report details a new poll that shows that although Bush “had boosted the Republican share of the overall Hispanic vote to 40 percent in 2004, with almost all his gains coming among the Spanish-speaking voters,” today Spanish speakers, roughly half of the Hispanic voting population, would choose the Democrat “59 percent to 23 percent — far better than the 52 percent to 48 percent showing Kerry achieved among Spanish speakers in 2004.” [Washington Post, 7/20/2006].

The poll, released yesterday, shows a full 61% of respondents saying the country is headed in the wrong direction, and President Bush with a 58% unfavorable rating. In a rebuke of Republican economic policies, an overwhelming 86% of respondents worried that the cost of living has increased, and ranked the economy only second to the war in Iraq when asked to identify the greatest issues facing the country. Democrats also outperformed Republicans in 17 of 20 issues, including “respects more my religious beliefs,” “better use of my tax money,” and “family values.” [New Democrat Network, 7/19/2006].

The news also comes just a week after a Pew Hispanic Center Survey showed that 75% of Hispanics believe many more Hispanics will vote in the November elections, and that when they do, registered Hispanic voters would choose Democrats over Republicans 46% vs 9% as the party “perceived to have more concern for Latinos.” [Pew Hispanic Center, 7/13/2006].

Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean issued the following statement:

“No amount of rhetoric from the Republican Party can cover up what their divisive campaigning and destructive politics have done to the Hispanic community. Hispanics have seen their average wages decline throughout the Bush presidency, and the Republican Congress would rather use Hispanic immigrants as scapegoats for political gain than pass comprehensive immigration reform that includes critical border security measures and real solutions for America’s immigration problems. From reducing opportunities in education, to making health care less affordable, and allowing extremist Republicans to divide America, this President has failed America and the Hispanic community.

“Hispanic voters are making it clear that a Republican Party that reaches out to Hispanics but acts against their best interests does not deserve their votes. Hispanics and all Americans want change. Democrats will continue to work hard to earn the votes of the Hispanic community based on the values we share and the new direction we offer all Americans.”

Mehlman: “My Highest Priority”

“…But I do know that it is vitally important to all of us who work in politics to reach out to the Hispanic community because the Hispanic community is so vitally important to America. And as Republican Party Chairman, I know — and I want to make it very clear to my Republican friends, both here in Texas and across the nation — that a Republican Party that does not reach out to Hispanics cannot win … and a Republican Party that does not reach out to Hispanics does not deserve to win…It is also why, since I became chairman of this party, I have made it my highest priority to reach out, to say to those who might never have really looked at the Republican Party and say to them ‘Give us a chance and we’ll give you a choice.'” [RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman, Remarks at NALEO, 6/22/2006]

Dowd: “The Writing Is On The Wall”

“We can’t survive as a party without getting more of the Hispanic vote,” said Matthew Dowd, a pollster and senior adviser to the RNC. “The writing is on the wall.” [Chicago Tribune, January 21, 2002]

Bush: “Concerted Effort”

“I want Republicans to see that I am willing to make an active effort to reach out to the Hispanic community,” said Bush. “This is a concerted effort to broaden the base.” [Chattanooga Times Free Press, 8/6/99]

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GOP Hispanic Outreach Falls Flat