This Spring Student Teams From Across North and South America Will Travel...

This Spring Student Teams From Across North and South America Will Travel Thousands of Miles…Per Gallon

2009 Shell Eco-marathon Americas(R) will welcome 52 student teams looking to go the extra mile


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HOUSTON, March 27 /PRNewswire/While most high school and college
students are busy writing papers and preparing for exams, a select group from
across the Americas are taking what they’ve learned in the classroom and
putting it to practical use – building high-mileage, fuel-efficient vehicles
for the 2009 Shell Eco-marathon Americas(R). After months of coordinating
designs and constructing vehicles, 52 student teams – including nine high
schools and 32 universities — are in the final stretch as they work to
complete their vehicles for the 2009 challenge taking place April 16-18 at the
Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, Calif. Not only are these students looking to
break the nearly 3,000 miles per gallon (1,275 kilometres per liter) record set
in 2008, they are providing the world a glimpse into the fuels, technologies
and transportation of tomorrow.  


participating in the Shell Eco-marathon Americas, we have the opportunity to
study new fuel-efficient technologies in automotive applications and gain
practical experience for the future," said Andrew Ritter, student team
leader of the Mater Dei High School team, who set the Shell Eco-marathon
Americas record in 2008 with an astonishing 2,843 miles per gallon, equivalent
to 1,208.6 kilometers per liter. "Last year, we didn’t think our team
could compete with such elite colleges, but we ended up breaking the 2007
record in our first run. And that motivated our team to keep pushing the limits
of fuel efficiency, both on the track and in the classroom." 


This year, student
teams will participate in either the "Prototype" or
"UrbanConcept" categories. For the Prototype category, teams will
enter futuristic prototypes — streamlined vehicles that focus on maximizing
fuel efficiency through innovative design elements, such as drag reduction. For
the UrbanConcept category, new to the Americas event this year, teams will
enter more "roadworthy" fuel-efficient vehicles. Aimed at meeting the
real-life needs of drivers, these vehicles are closer in appearance to the
higher-mileage cars seen on roads today. For both categories, teams can use any
conventionally available energy source — including fuels such as diesel,
gasoline and liquid petroleum gas (LPG), as well as alternative fuels such as
hydrogen, biomass and solar.


The Shell
Eco-marathon(R) is a global mileage challenge and forum for current and future
leaders who are passionate about finding sustainable solutions to the world’s
energy challenge. The event challenges students to design, build and test
eco-friendly vehicles that travel further using less energy. From vehicle
design to financing, student teams manage their projects from start to finish.
The winning teams in both the Prototype and UrbanConcept categories receive a
grand prize of US$5,000 for their school. And this year, Shell will also have
several "off-track" awards, including the "Safety Award,"
"Technical Innovation Award" and "Eco-friendly Award" among


The 2009 Shell
Eco-marathon Americas roster contains 52 teams from nine high schools and 32
universities from North and South America — including Brazil, Canada, Mexico
and the United States. The Prototype entries include 35 vehicles powered by
combustion engines, five by fuel cell/hydrogen technology, three by LPG, three
by solar power, two by diesel fuel, and one by ethanol gas. The UrbanConcept
entries include two vehicles powered by combustion engines and one by solar


The complete 2009
Shell Eco-marathon Americas roster is:


Prototype Category:


Combustion Engine


School                    Location               Team Name     Vehicle



Barstow High
School       Barstow, Calif.        AZ-TECHS      Stingray



Polytechnic    San Luis Obispo,       Cal Poly      Black

 State University         Calif.                
Supermileage  Widow


State          Chico, Calif.          Suffrage      One

 University, Chico         


State          Los Angeles, Calif.    CSULA         Super

 University, Los Angeles                         Supermileage  Eagle II


University     Cedarville, Ohio       Jackets       Slipstream


Racing        II


Cedarville University     Cedarville, Ohio       GL4           GL4


Centennial High
School    Corona, Calif.         Huskies       El Nino


Centro de
Investigaciones Mexico City, Mexico   
Nemesis       CLRT

 de Diseno Industrial

 (CIDI) / Universidad

 Nacional Autonoma de



Chitkara Institute
of     Punjab, India          TEAM STEALTH  STEALTH

 Engineering &

 Technology /

 Punjab Technical



Colorado School of
Mines  Denver, Colo.          Colorado      Blaster

                                                 School of




University      Halifax, Nova          Dalhousie     Maritime

Scotia                 Supermileage  Mileage-




Design School/
State      Belo Horizonte,        Team Sabia    Sabia 6

 University of Minas      Minas Gerais



East Los Angeles
College  Monterey Park, Calif.  Huskies       Phantom


George M. Schurr

 High School              Montebello, Calif.     Spartans      R7


Grand Rapids
Technical    Grand Rapids, Minn.    G-Rock        Fastest

 School                                                        Indian



Louisiana State           Baton Rouge, La.       Tiger Racing  Chitty

 University                                                    Chitty



Louisiana Tech
University Ruston, La.            LA
Tech       De


Bulldogs      Donderhond


Marymount          Los Angeles,
Calif.    Gen2          Gen2



Marymount          Los Angeles,
Calif.    Team RAMROD   Tip of

 University                                                    the Spear


Mater Dei High
School     Evansville, Ind.       Mater Dei     Next Gen


Supermileage  II



Monrovia High
School      Monrovia, Calif.       Team Green    The Green




Arizona          Flagstaff, Ariz.       Team SAE@NAU  Ragnarok



R. L. Turner High
School  Carrollton, Texas      Turner        Microsquirt


Institute       Rochester, NY          RIT           X1

 of Technology                                   Greenvehicle




Institute of  Terre Haute, Ind.      R-H           RHEV

 Technology                                      Efficient     74




Institute     Terre Haute, Ind.      R-H Efficient RHEV

 of Technology                                   Vehicles      74++ 


Summit High
School        Fontana, Calif.        Skyhawks      Skyhawk


University of
California, Berkeley, Calif.       Cal
SMV       Care Bear



University of
California, Los Angeles, Calif.   
Supermileage  The

 Los Angeles                                                   Enterprise


Nacional      Mexico City, Mexico    Escuderia     Ahuicyani

 Autonoma de Mexico –                            Puma

 Facultad de Ingeniería


University of
California, Santa Barbara, Calif.  UCSB
Gauchos  Gaucho

 Santa Barbara                                                 Mileage


Laval          Laval, Quebec          Alerion       NTF 3.0




University of
Colorado,   Boulder, Colo.         CU-L.A.T.E.R  F-CAT



University of
Houston     Houston, Texas         Team SAECO    Phoenix


University Of Texas,
El   El Paso, Texas         Miner Dilema  Orochi




Fuel Cell Entrants:


School                    Location               Team Name    Vehicle



Cicero North-Syracuse     Cicero, N.Y.           Performance  Pure

 High School                                     Engineering  Speed




University          Beaumont, Texas        Rebel        1602



Los Altos High
School     Hacienda Heights,      Hacienda La  Infusion

Calif.                 Puente







North Carolina
A&T        Greensboro, N.C.       Aggie        Aggie

 State University


Penn State
University     University Park, Pa.   Blood Sweat  Penn State


& Gears      HFV


LPG Entrant:


School                    Location               Team Name    Vehicle



George M.
Schurr          Montebello, Calif.     Spartans     Spartan

 High School


George M.
Schurr          Montebello, Calif.     Spartans     Destiny

 High School


George M.
Schurr          Montebello, Calif.     Spartans     Mach 1

 High School



Solar Entrants:


School                    Location              
Team Name    Vehicle



Centennial High
School    Corona County, Calif.  Huskies     
The Blur


University         West Lafayette,
Ind.   Purdue       Racing


Solar        Pulsar


Ohio State
University     Columbus, Ohio         OSU Solar    Red Shift


Firefly 2



Diesel Entrants:


School                    Location             
Team Name    Vehicle



College of the
Redwoods   Eureka, Calif.        Diesel       Diesel


Corsair      Corsair


Wright State
University   Dayton, Ohio          Raider       Eco-Raider





Ethanol Entrant:

Los Altos High
School     Hacienda Heights,      Hacienda La  HICE

Calif.                 Puente









UrbanConcept Category:


Combustion Engine


School                    Location              Team Name    Vehicle



Louisiana Tech

 University               Ruston, La.           Tech EcoCar 
Urban Car


Mater Dei High
School     Evansville, Ind.      Mater Dei    Street Buggy






Solar Entrant:


School                    Location              Team Name    Vehicle



The University
of         Tucson, Ariz.         Arizona      SolarCat

 Arizona                                        Solar Racing





To help ensure the
2009 Shell Eco-marathon Americas is a successful event for all the student
participants, Shell is pleased to welcome the 2009 event sponsors, including
Autodesk, Michelin, Pennzoil and SKF USA Inc.


With many successful
years in Europe, the Shell Eco-marathon came back to the U.S. as the Shell
Eco-marathon Americas in April 2007. The Shell Eco-marathon concept started as
the Shell Mileage Marathon in 1939 between employees of Shell at a research
laboratory in Wood River, Illinois. Today, the Americas event extends to
student teams from across North and South America.


In Europe, the 2009
Shell Eco-marathon project will take place at the EuroSpeedway in Lausitz,
Germany. The 2008 European event attracted teams from 20 countries, with the
winning teams hailing from France, the Netherlands and Sweden. Plans are also
underway to bring the Shell Eco-marathon to Asia in 2010.


For more information
on the Shell Eco-marathon Americas, please visit


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This Spring Student Teams From Across North and South America Will Travel Thousands of Miles…Per Gallon