Bela Broadcasting Stations to Debut Teen Block of Programming Today; KBEH-TV 63...

Bela Broadcasting Stations to Debut Teen Block of Programming Today; KBEH-TV 63 Los Angeles, KMOH-TV 6 Phoenix to Launch ‘LA Mix’ Today, ‘JAMZ’ in March

New Programming Rounds out Broadcaster's Spanish-Language Offering to Latino Families


MIAMI, FL–(HISPANIC PR WIRE – BUSINESS WIRE)–February 1, 2005–Bela Broadcasting, LLC, owner and operator of Spanish-language family channels KBEH-TV Channel 63 Los Angeles and KMOH-TV Channel 6 Phoenix, announced today the launch of its new teen block of programming, with fresh episodes of hit music entertainment shows “LA Mix” debuting today at 4 p.m., and “JAMZ” launching in March 2005, according to Robert Behar, president and chief executive officer of the Miami-based station group.

Unlike any other programmer, Bela Broadcasting’s mission is to provide Hispanic children and families in the U.S. an ongoing link to their language, culture and homeland.

“LA Mix” is a daily two-hour music video block with an interactive approach in getting the young community involved in the musical content of the show. LA Mix will cover the best in all genres of modern music including Regional Mexican, Reggeton, Spanish Rock, Pop, Tropical, TexMex, and much more. Starting today, LA Mix will air every Monday thru Friday from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.

“JAMZ” is a one-hour magazine program that delivers the latest in music news via interviews with the industry’s hottest stars, features on the newest talent breaking into the scene, debuts of the newest videos, and reports on concerts and record launches. JAMZ, which single-handedly launched Reggeton onto the worldwide music scene, also will explore new musical fusions. Beginning in March, the show will air every Saturday and Sunday at 5 p.m.

“Bela Broadcasting is committed to providing Spanish-language programming that is unique, entertaining and relevant to every segment of the Latino family,” Behar said.

“‘JAMZ’ and ‘LA Mix’ not only offer young Latinos entertaining programming in their language, but provide advertisers a perfect platform to reach the growing young urban Latino market,” he said.

“LA Mix” and “JAMZ” are produced by Perfect Image Film and Video Production, a top production company targeting the young urban Latin market in the U.S. and Latin America. With 10 years in the field, Perfect Image has established itself as a leading company offering high quality services tailored to the growing urban Latin market in the U.S. and Latin America. The company successfully produces the highly popular TV shows “The Roof,” “La Conexion,” “LA Streets” and “JAMZ,” among others. Perfect Image is based in Miami, with production facilities in Los Angeles and New York.

“We are very excited to bring fresh new programming to attract the young viewers of Bela Broadcasting,” said Anthony Perez, president and chief executive officer of Perfect Image Film and Video Production. “This partnership represents an excellent branding opportunity for us as we continue to position our company and introduce our young urban Latin entertainment and music programming to this very important segment of the U.S. Hispanic population,” Perez said.

Bela Broadcasting’s stations are 24-hour Spanish-language family channels, and the only Spanish-language channels to offer seven hours of children’s programming Monday through Friday. In addition to cartoons and a game show for children, the stations air a daily two-hour variety show, a cooking show and a talk show for women, music blocks, sports and wildlife programs, and classic and new Mexican movies for the whole family.

KBEH-TV reaches more than 5.3 million television households, and more than 1.5 million pay-TV households, in the Los Angeles and Santa Barbara media markets.

KMOH-TV, which broadcasts from Kingman, Arizona, currently can be seen in 250,000 television households in the Phoenix media market, and in Las Vegas and surrounding areas. The station announced last week it will launch on DISH Network in the Phoenix media market in February 2005.

For further information, please contact Linette Rodriguez, director of marketing and communications, at 305-863-5740.

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Bela Broadcasting Stations to Debut Teen Block of Programming Today; KBEH-TV 63 Los Angeles, KMOH-TV 6 Phoenix to Launch ‘LA Mix’ Today, ‘JAMZ’ in March