ESTADIO TV Kicks Its Way to the USA

ESTADIO TV Kicks Its Way to the USA


Los Angeles, CA–(HISPANIC PR WIRE – PRNewswire)–February 28, 2008–ESTADIO TV, Mexico’s #1 Sports Network is launching in Southern California! ESTADIO TV can now be seen on Channel 20 on DIRECTV and Dish Network in the Los Angeles market and over-the-air on KNLA, Channel 27 in Los Angeles.

Finally, and for the first time in Los Angeles, viewers can access Mexican sports legends of ESTADIO TV from the comfort of their own home. Team leader Francisco Javier González, is accompanied by Carlos Reinoso, Mario Carillo, Thomas Boy, Miguel España, Cristóbal Ortega, Enrique Borja, Ricardo Peláis, Felipe Ramos Rizo and over 50 reporters and correspondents.

ESTADIO TV’s programming is innovative and unique! Tribuna Interactiva allows viewers from Mexico and the USA simultaneously to participate on the show with live phone calls, SMS and emails. What does the soccer fan in Mexico feel about the soccer fan in the USA? Find out on Tribuna Ineractiva, the only live TV Sports talk show connecting the USA and Mexico. Super Estadio provides the best information and analysis of soccer in the world, with expert commentary by current and former players. Zona is a daily hour dedicated exclusively to one of the top Mexican teams, including the National Selection! Estadio Total covers everything but Mexican soccer, with special emphasis on the NFL, the NBA, major league baseball.. Estadio TV News: led by the well-known team of Patricia Lopez-Freer and Florentino Mesa, reports on the major events affecting L.A. Hispanics on a local, regional and international level with special emphasis on Mexico and Central America.

Over 30 years in the making, Estadio TV was born from Estadio W, the #1 radio network in Mexico and is the largest content producer of sports programming in Mexico. ESTADIO TV covers Mexican fútbol in a unique way, mirroring the Hispanic viewer’s passion for soccer. Along with its extensive soccer reporting, ESTADIO TV covers world-class leagues and competitions, baseball, American football, the NBA, professional boxing and more.

Francisco Javier Gonzalez, founder of Estadio TV; “Mexicans living abroad share many things with those of us in Mexico: we bleed the colors of our flag. Sharing the passion, on both sides of the border, ESTADIO TV reminds us that we are all still part of the same family”.

Estadio TV / KBBC is a sports programming station servicing the Spanish speaking community in the Greater Los Angles area, and can be viewed on Channel 20 via Direct TV and Dish Network or broadcast on Channel 27. Estadio TV is distributed and operated by Venture Technologies Groups LLC in the USA and is an international sports programming and production entity jointly owned by Estadio TV, Mexico and Venture Technologies Group LLC. For further information please e-mail, call 323-469-5638, log onto or write to the contact address above.

ESTADIO TV Kicks Its Way to the USA