Study: ‘California Grown’ Continues To Grow In Popularity – Especially Among Hispanic...

Study: ‘California Grown’ Continues To Grow In Popularity – Especially Among Hispanic Consumers

New Research Measures Shifts in Purchasing Decisions


SACRAMENTO, Calif.–(HISPANIC PR WIRE)–February 2nd, 2004–Findings of a statewide research study released today demonstrate that the “California Grown” program continues to resonate with California consumers and impact their purchasing decisions, most notably among Hispanic and women shoppers. The study, commissioned by the Buy California Marketing Agreement (BCMA) was conducted in September, 2003 by Rose Research. This new research is the second wave in a series of studies designed to measure the effectiveness of the “California Grown” program and its goals to increase the awareness of and demand for California grown products.

This new study found that of those who remembered the television commercials, women and Hispanics are more favorably disposed toward California grown agricultural products, as they reported they are more likely to buy locally grown products more often vis-à-vis their respective counterparts. The study also revealed that the economic impact of buying locally grown products has greatly resonated among women and Hispanics as well. As study results show, this is mainly attributed to the notion that their individual support to the state economy will make a positive difference in the betterment of job outlook, increased state revenue and overall increased economic activity for California.

“We are very encouraged by these new research results and the program’s growing popularity among the fast-growing Hispanic population and women – who are often the key decision makers for home buying needs,” said Scott Horsfall, chief operations officer of BCMA.

The major highlights of recent research findings include:

— Total awareness of “California Grown” increased from 41% to 46% compared to an initial research study conducted in December, 2002;

— Higher than all other ethnic groups, 78% of Hispanics report they prefer to buy agricultural products from California;

— 56% of Hispanic consumers said they are now looking for agricultural products from California more often than six months ago – after seeing, reading or hearing news stories promoting their importance to the state’s economy;

— More than one-third of the Hispanics who (ever) watch English speaking television recalled both the “Real Californian” and “Feed the Dream” commercials (35% & 34%);

— In total, nearly one-half (47%) of all of the Hispanics interviewed remembered any of the commercials when aided with a description.

“California Grown,” a joint effort of 27 agricultural industry groups, is aimed not only at increasing awareness but also at emphasizing the importance that California agriculture plays in providing jobs and supporting the state’s economy. The actual message that is being communicated in the “California Grown” program (i.e. supporting the economy, state, etc.) is perceived to be significantly more important now than ten months ago (Wave II—47% vs. Wave I 41%).

“Spanish speaking Californians were given the choice of participating in the interview in English or Spanish, whichever was most comfortable for them. This made responses from Hispanic participants a lot easier and honest for a more accurate read of market behavior,” said Scott Horsfall, chief operations officer of BCMA.

Based upon the most recent study, the “California Grown” program continues to generate strong awareness and recognition among California consumers. “Our ongoing research indicates that the ‘California Grown’ program continues to positively impact and influence consumer attitudes and purchasing decisions, which can go a long way toward increasing sales,” affirmed Steve Rose, president of Rose Research.

About The Buy California Marketing Agreement

The Buy California Marketing Agreement is a joint effort of 27 industry groups representing the products of California’s farms, ranches, forests and fisheries. Working as an advisory board to the California Department of Food and Agriculture, BCMA brings together industry and government resources to increase the awareness, consumption and value of California agricultural products, helping the state’s consumers enjoy the best of the California lifestyle.

The “California Grown” campaign is funded through public and private contributions by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the California Department of Food and Agriculture, and the following California agricultural organizations:

California Apple Commission

California Aquaculture Association

California Asparagus Commission

California Association of Wine Grape Growers

California Avocado Commission

California Cherry Advisory Board

California Citrus Mutual

California Cling Peach Board

California Cut Flower Commission

California Dried Plum Board

California Fig Advisory Board

California Forest Products Commission

California Garlic Producers Association

California Kiwifruit Commission

California Milk Advisory Board

California Nectarine Administrative Committee

California Peach Commodity Committee

California Pear Advisory Board

California Plum Marketing Board

California Poultry Federation

California Raisin Marketing Board

California Salmon Council

California Sheep Commission

California Strawberry Commission

California Table Grape Commission

California Tomato Commission

California Walnut Commission

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Study: ‘California Grown’ Continues To Grow In Popularity – Especially Among Hispanic Consumers