Hispanic Women are Among the Top Constituents of the Democratic Party According...

Hispanic Women are Among the Top Constituents of the Democratic Party According to New Study

New Results Reveal Hispanic Women are Instrumental In Upcoming Election


New York, NY—(HISPANIC PR WIRE)—October 2, 2003–People en Español, the nation’s best-selling Hispanic magazine, released today political results from its 2002 Hispanic Opinion Tracker (HOT Study). The HOT Study findings reveal that Hispanic women are active voters and key constituents of the Democratic Party – with more than half of them registered as Democrats.

The HOT Study polled more than 4,000 Hispanic women and men identified their political views and preferences. The following are key findings:

–The HOT Study reveals there was a marked difference between registered Hispanic men and women with 75% of Hispanic women voting in the last presidential election and 68% of Hispanic men voting.

–Significantly more Hispanic women (58%) are registered Democrats vs. 48% of Hispanic men.

–Hispanics are overwhelmingly registered Democrats (53% vs. 31% non-Hispanics).

–Among U.S. citizens, 81% of Hispanics (vs. 91% of non-Hispanics) are registered to vote. Among the registered Hispanics 90% are U.S. Dominant, 82% are Bicultural and 70% are Hispanic Dominant.

–Of those registered voters, 72% of Hispanics (vs. 86% of non-Hispanics) voted in the last presidential election.

–14% of Hispanic women and 20% of Hispanic men are registered Republicans.

–The Democratic Party appeals less to the Hispanic man than the Hispanic woman given men’s more fatalistic approach to the changing face of America.

“Hispanic women tend to be more concerned about education, crime and social welfare, which are among the strongest platforms for the Democratic Party,” says Felipe Korzenny, Professor at Florida State University and Co-Founder of Cheskin, which conducted the study. “Today, Hispanic women are decision-makers, bread winners and caretakers—all rolled into one.”

In addition, according to the U.S. Census, Hispanic women now represent the fastest-growing segment of small business owners — demonstrating the increasing power and influence of Latinas.

The HOT Study is the most extensive, comprehensive and revealing study of Hispanic Americans nationwide and provides an in-depth look into a plethora of topics including culture and heritage, media habits, marketing preferences, social issues, political views and entertainment choices. This year’s study consisted of over 6,000 thirty-minute bilingual phone interviews (4,000 Hispanic, 2,000 non-Hispanic) conducted from June through August of 2002.


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Hispanic Women are Among the Top Constituents of the Democratic Party According to New Study