FAMA Magazine And Chevrolet Present ‘Miami: Cruce De Caminos’ (Miami Crossroads)

FAMA Magazine And Chevrolet Present ‘Miami: Cruce De Caminos’ (Miami Crossroads)


Miami, FL–(HISPANIC PR WIRE)–October 26, 2004–FAMA Magazine continues its way which started in New York City ten years ago hosting Latin American fine art exhibitions at its own galleries located in SoHo and Chelsea. This time, Miami will be the headquarters of its cultural project.

Chevrolet will be the main sponsor with a display of the Chevy SSR and a Chevy Malibu. FAMA will present the art show “MIAMI: CRUCE DE CAMINOS” (Miami crossroads) at the Museum of the Americas, a “Chelsea-SoHo style” venue located in the heart of the city on Friday November 5, from 7pm to 10pm.

The organization presents and promotes Latin American art as well as American, Canadian, European and Asian. The permanent reformulations in arts and life, the daily vertigo and the unforeseeable destiny impose to recover memories and revindicate histories.

Trough time, the City of Miami has been heterogeneous space, point of confluence, crossroad, point of arrival and departure, scene of transmigration for many Latin artists.

The project exhibition pretends, from the expressive richness, multiple identities and the diversity of languages, techniques and themes, attract the attention over the artistic values of the city, scene of interesting creative proposals with a clear future.

Today, we have the pleasure of looking and establish a dialog with artworks by artists which Miami served as platform to be recognized internationally. Others, renowned in their own countries, found in our city the signs and ways to open the doors of the American market and later, the European one.

Our exhibition includes painting, sculpture, original prints and installation by contemporary artists from Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Nicaragua, Puerto Rico, Peru, Chile, Canda, Nicaragua, Uruguay, United States and Venezuela.

Several popular names as well as Romero Britto (the most successful local artist from Brazil), Leonardo Nierman (considered by critics “the most important abstract Latin American living artist,” Jose Maria Mijares (who passed away a few months ago) which biggest oil on canvas painted will be on display, and many others will be included in the show.

The Museum of the Americas is located at 825 SW 8th Court in Miami, Florida and the admission to the event is free.


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FAMA Magazine And Chevrolet Present ‘Miami: Cruce De Caminos’ (Miami Crossroads)