A Language Fiesta for Young Minds

A Language Fiesta for Young Minds

New children’s book series makes bridging the bilingual gap a little easier Initial title ‘The Picture Book Dictionary English Spanish Edition’ in stores August 16, 2005 from Ekadoo Publishing Group


Redondo Beach, CA–(HISPANIC PR WIRE)–July 6, 2005–To get a jump start on the lingual melting pot that is America, children today are encouraged to learn other languages as early as kindergarten. Now, learning to speak another language is a little easier thanks to the new The Picture Book Dictionary series, coming to print from Ekadoo Publishing Group.

Each title in the series will help enrich children’s vocabulary in that particular language. Kids will be able to develop the foundation for bilingual speech and conversational skills as well as memory, reading and spelling skills. Key phrases for basic conversations are included and charming illustrations will keep children’s attention and interest while learning.

“We designed The Picture Book Dictionary series to expand children’s unique abilities to pick up languages, boost their conversational skills, vocabulary and enrich imagination,” says Igor Tolstocheev, vice president of Ekadoo Publishing Group.” “With these new books, kids can learn the basics in both English and the other language presented. Our world is increasing become more multicultural oriented and children need to have more of a global awareness of other languages and communities.”

“The Picture Book Dictionary series presents an easy-to-read format for older kids and has bright, colorful illustrations to attract younger eyes,” says Olga Lochtchinina, sales and marketing director for Ekadoo. “We base the series on the standards of the United States primary schools programs so children will find the material useful as a complement to in class learning.”

The initial title in the release, The Picture Book Dictionary English-Spanish Edition, appropriate for children ages nine months to eight years, is a colorful, easy-to follow reference tool that will engage new readers and challenge older ones. The attractive, informative and accessible reference guide is 96 pages and retails for $12.99.

Each word, first given in English, then Spanish, is supported by a sample sentence made up of other words and phrases familiar to the everyday world. Each sample sentence, followed immediately by its Spanish translation, is accompanied by fun, colorful illustrations, putting word meanings into context visually.

Included are collections of related words to help children associate mentally what they see and encounter everyday: animals, opposites, numbers, foods, etc. The back page is devoted to a general list of irregular verbs in their various tenses, a must for a grammatical lesson.

The Picture Book Dictionary is available at major book retailers and at amazon.com. It can also be ordered by calling toll free 1-877-252-3404. Visit http://www.ekadoo.com

The Picture Book Dictionary English-Spanish Edition

96 pages illustrated

Full color (8 ½”x11”)

Color hard cover

ISBN: 0-9747387-0-0

SRP: $12.99



Ekadoo, Inc.

Olga Lochtchinina

Director of Sales and Marketing


A Language Fiesta for Young Minds