Bonding With Your Baby Through Touch and Massage

Bonding With Your Baby Through Touch and Massage


MIAMI, May 9 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — Few things are more important to a baby’s development than the mom-baby connection. For some mothers, simply holding their child in their arms creates an instant connection while others find that they need more help in bonding with their baby. Experts say that some of the best ways to bond with a baby involve touching and being close to the child. Research indicates that being held and touched helps promote the physical and emotional well being in a child.

JOHNSON’S(R), known for its expertise in baby skincare and commitment to the health, development and well being of babies, children and their parents, also understands the power of a mother’s touch. That is why they are launching an educational campaign focused around the theme and power of a mother’s touch. The campaign consists of a series of online animated shorts in Spanish featuring the voice of Grammy(R) and Latin Grammy(R) award-winning singer and new mom Olga Tañón as the voice of the mother. Each two-minute short focuses on the mother/child bonding experience and how that emotional tie is facilitated with a mother’s loving touch while using JOHNSON’S(R) PINK BABY LOTION. The shorts are entertaining and fantasy-focused from the mind of the baby, and are chock full of good tips for every mom.

“As a new mom, I had a great time partnering with JOHNSON’S(R) on creating the mother character, which is so different to what I do as a singer,” says Tañón. “This campaign touched me because of its educational elements of really communicating the value of using massage to help bond with your baby.”

Some Key Bonding Tips:

* Hold your baby as much as possible: some well-meaning friends or family members might chide you, saying this will spoil the baby. But during the early months of an infant’s development, nothing helps the baby put more trust in his or her parents than constant closeness. The feeling of being in your arms or lying on your chest is soothing, helps regulate breathing, and can create moments of calmness for both you and your child.

* Carry your baby often: studies indicate that babies who are carried frequently help foster closeness to the mom. For example, a Columbia University study found that after a year 83% of the infants whose moms wore them in front carriers were strongly attached to their moms, compared with 38% of infants who were placed in baby seats.

* Massage your baby to establish a special bond: Another soothing option for bonding is through massage. Much in the way adults are relaxed and soothed from a body massage, so, too, are babies. Warm JOHNSON’S(R) PINK BABY LOTION in your hands and rub it all over your baby’s body after a bath. Research indicates that regular massages help further a baby’s physical and emotional health.

Beyond the online shorts, the dedicated website showcases a series of videos offering moms expert tips on ways to enhance bonding through touch and massage.

Now is the chance to bond with your child in an enjoyable and soothing way while fostering a relationship that will only grow as your baby gets older. Visit for skincare tips and information on products designed especially for babies. Visit for more bonding tips and techniques.

Bonding With Your Baby Through Touch and Massage