Frutézia(TM) Encourages Fresh Style On Small Canvases!

Frutézia(TM) Encourages Fresh Style On Small Canvases!

Frutézia to award five $1,000 grants to creative nail artists with fun, fresh style


Modesto, CA–(HISPANIC PR WIRE)–March 29, 2006–Enjoying a manicure has become a standard treat for millions of women, and even men, across the country. While some opt for the traditional French manicure or classic pastel polishes, others are using their fingernails as an accessory to express themselves creatively. Whether it’s embedded rhinestones and flower petals on acrylic nails, hand-painted leopard prints on your natural fingernails or airbrushed self-portraits on gel nails, there is no doubt that nail art is a growing cultural phenomenon embraced by many women today. To bring the very best of nail salon culture to the rest of America, Frutézia is calling on professional nail technicians and amateur nail artists to submit their most cutting-edge nail art designs to the Frutézia Fresh Style at Your Fingertips Contest for the chance to earn one of five $1,000 grants to fund their passion for this unique craft.

“While the canvas itself may be small, nail art can be customized to reflect a diverse range of styles, tastes and cultures,” said Lee Susen, Marketing Manager, Frutézia. “In honor of this under-recognized art form, we wanted to bring positive attention to the talented individuals whose expressive nail art designs are deemed fresh and full of flavor, just like Frutézia.”

If you have what it takes to create fresh style on your fingertips, stop twiddling your thumbs and enter the Frutézia Fresh Style at Your Fingertips Contest. Contestants must submit up to two color photographs of their original nail art designs and a statement, no more than 100 words, describing how they use nail art to playfully express personal style. A panel of urban style experts will judge each submission based on: originality, individuality, and creativity. All varieties of nail art will be considered, from classic hand-painted fingernails to extravagant acrylic and gel nails with 3D accessories incorporated into the designs. Entrants must also provide their full name, home address, telephone number, date of birth and E-mail address. All submissions must be sent to: Frutézia Fresh Style at Your Fingertips, c/o Hunter Public Relations, 41 Madison Ave. 5th Floor, New York, NY 10010 by the contest deadline of May 31, 2006.

Frutézia will “manicurate” an exhibition featuring the winning nail art designs and tour them to New York, Miami, Houston and Atlanta. Anyone who appreciates this dynamic art form or simply enjoys expressing themselves creatively is invited to participate. The free, open-to-the public receptions will give guests the opportunity to receive personalized nail art designs, view colorful nail art on display and enjoy Frutézia Blends paired with exotic finger foods.

Frutézia is a low alcohol white wine beverage that creatively combines exotic fruit flavors. Frutézia is available in Orchard Blend(TM), Passion Blend(TM), Sunshine Blend(TM) and Tropical Blend. It retails for $3.99 (750 mL) and $6.49 (1.5L) and can be found nationally at grocery, convenience, liquor and mass merchandise stores.

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Frutézia(TM) Encourages Fresh Style On Small Canvases!