GERALDINE BAZAN is radiant, winning the “TAFARI AWARD” in the U.S. for...

GERALDINE BAZAN is radiant, winning the “TAFARI AWARD” in the U.S. for her 25-year artistic career at “IFF Woman Empowerment Conference Green Fashion, Music & Beyond”

She is also to receive U.S. citizenship and premiere on "LA ISLA 2"


MEXICO CITY and MIAMI, July 3, 2013 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — Geraldine Bazan, Mexican actress and television hostess with 10 years residence in Miami FL, together with her youngest daughter, Elissa Marie, age 4, have achieved crossover and will receive U.S. citizenship in the coming days; she has a 25-year career in radio, small and big screen, movies, theater and television, including 19 telenovelas, 25 one-time appearances and 2 reality shows, 9 theater appearances, 9 films in various formats and 2 photonovelas, as well as 2 music videoclips. She has also distinguished herself as a hostess on entertainment programs on Hispanic networks such as TELEVISA; UNIVISION; NBC TELEMUNDO; TV AZTECA; AZTECA AMERICA; RTI; and VENEVISION. She recently completed shooting the mystery television series recorded in Veracruz Mexico, “La Mujer de Judas [The Wife of Judas],” in which she gives an outstanding performance as the villainess Emma Balmori, sharing the credits with Mauricio Islas, Anette Michelle, Victor Gonzalez and an extraordinary cast.

On July 12, Geraldine Bazan will receive the “TAFARI AWARD” at the Miami International Conference “IFF Woman Empowerment Conference Green Fashion, Music & Beyond”. On Sept. 2, she will reappear on the small screen, exhibiting her skills and talents facing various challenges and extreme sports on the reality show “LA ISLA 2 [The Island 2]” at 8pm, which will be broadcast from the Dominican Republic by TV AZTECA. On Azteca America she will share her experiences with Paco de la O, Cecilia Ponce and Alan, Shocker, among other celebrities and prize-winning athletes in various events.

Geraldine Bazan has worked unceasingly on the small screen, demonstrating her gifts as a dancer representing the Brothers and Sisters Foundation; and for GALATV TELEVISA-UNIVISION Mexico, on Saturdays at 8pm in the U.S., Europe, Caribbean, Central and South America, in the MQB reality show “Mira quien Baila 2 [Look who’s dancing 2]” (Miami-Spain) she shares the dance floor with Adamari Lopez, Eric Estrada, Priscila and Blue Demon, among others, while at the same time TV Azteca is broadcasting the reality show “Mexico Baila [Mexico Dances]” with Niurka, Landa Garcia, Daniel Bisogno, Travieso Arce, Peter “La Anguila”, Maria Fernanda Yepez, and Ana Cristina Geithner.

Currently from Monday-Friday, broadcasts two drama series to 35 countries, the first, a thriller about women who disappeared as victims of a serial killer, told in 140 episodes, entitled, “ATM ALGUIEN TE MIRA [Someone is watching you]” at 10pm; in this series which takes place in Chicago, Bazan, in the role of Tatiana Wood, wife of David Chocarro, will set the screen on fire. She shares the credits with Rafael Amaya (“El Senor de los Cielos [The lord of the skies]”) Danna Garcia and Christian Meier. At the same time, we can see her in the second melodrama “VICTORIA” at 8pm; 180 episodes filmed on location in Bogota, Colombia, in the role of “Paula Mendoza,” wife of Roberto Manrique” (“El Clon [The Clone]” and “Victorinos” [Victorinus]). Bazan is the career-minded, rebellious daughter of Victoria Ruffo and Arturo Peniche, with Mauricio Ochmann.

On the big screen, Geraldine Bazan stands out in the horror films, “Ninos de Alcantarilla [Children of the Gutter]” and “La Hacienda del Terror [Ranch of Terror].” She also appears in “Espejo retrovisor [Rearview Mirror],” a feature on the killing of the women of Juarez, as well as the Panamanian film, “Granpa,” on gender violence and neglect of the elderly, along with short features that have won awards at international film festivals such as, “Punto y Aparte [Turning point],” by Armagedon Producciones, about abortion in different social classes, and “Quetzatlcoatl y el Maiz [Quetzatlcoatl and the Corn].”

“En el Tiempo de las Mariposas” “In the time of the Butterflies” recounts the true story of the Mirabal Sisters who were violently assaulted in the 1960’s by Dominican dictator Rafael Leonidas Trujillo, and became the inspiration for making November 25th the “International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.” Geraldine Bazan plays the part of Patria Mirabal”, and shares the credits with Demian Bichir, Mia Maestro, Edward James Olmos, Pedro Armendariz, and Marc Anthony, in a film that Salma Hayek acted in and produced.

Geraldine Bazan has appeared on the stage for OCESSA MEXICO in “Que paso en el Apagon [What happened during the blackout],” in “Pop Corn,” for the Argos Theater, and in “Cenicienta [Cinderella]” for Alejandro Medina; as well as “La Manzana de la Discordia [The Apple of Discord],” “Al Filo de la Navaja [On the Knife Edge],” and “Anita la Huerfanita” [Little Orphan Annie] for Mana Productions with TVNotas info.

In her ventures into music, she has worked with the young choreographed vocal groups, AMOATO, COTORRAS, SCORPIO and ROUGE, and has shared the stage with Violeta Isfel, Ilian Almaguer, Alejandra Ley, Mariana Torres and Alejandra Lazcano. She and Ali Castro also filmed the videoclip “Yo te prometo [I promise you]” in Miami. For Grupo Liberacion in Monterrey, Mexico, she appeared in the music video “Nina y mujer” [Girl and woman].”

Recently, Geraldine Bazan was accompanied by her brother Angel Claude at a cocktail reception in honor of Sofia Vergara on her visit to Mexico City; when she interviewed Vergara, she made no secret of her admiration for the best-paid Colombian star in Hollywood, as well as for Mexican actors Dolores del Rio, Salma Hayek, Demian Bichir, Gael Garcia Bernal, Diego Luna, Eugenio Derbez, and Kate del Castillo among others, who have opened doors for Hispanic artists in other international markets. On the same occasion she recalled that a few years back, she shared the credits on XETU Remix with actress and singer Gloria Trevi (“Libre para Amarte [Free to love you]”) a tvnovelas that was highly entertaining, and also starred the father of her daughter, Elissa Marie, the actor and singer Gabriel Soto (“Un refugio para el Amor [A refuge for love]” and “La Fuerza del Destino [Power of Destiny]”).

She has received national and international awards, such as the “Calendario Azteca” in Los Angeles, CA; the “Palmas de Oro Internacional” in Phoenix, AZ; two “ACEAward” in New York, and two ” Latino awards;” she won “Carteles Awards”; “Miami Life Awards” and “Circulo Peruano” in Miami, as well as the “Premio Mara de Oro” in Venezuela; the “Premio Cassandra,” among others, in the Dominican Republic, and in Mexico, the “Bravo” award,” she has won a star, a Prize and the unveiling of her Hand Prints at the Plaza de las Estrellas; the Premio Arlequin; 2 Sol de Oro awards; the Califa de Oro award; the “Grafica Internacional” Award,” the Microfono de Oro” and the Q Mujer Hoy award, as well as the Spanish “Excelsis” and “Laurel de Oro” awards.


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GERALDINE BAZAN is radiant, winning the “TAFARI AWARD” in the U.S. for her 25-year artistic career at “IFF Woman Empowerment Conference Green Fashion, Music & Beyond”