Get Listed Now Job Seekers, New Internet Freelance Directory With Paid Online...

Get Listed Now Job Seekers, New Internet Freelance Directory With Paid Online Appointment Scheduling & Online Booking System


CHICAGO, Sept. 30 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — Be the first in your industry, trade and location to join our new appointment scheduling and online booking system. Business appointment scheduling has never been easier than this! is THE solution for businesses, freelancers and independent service providers with its innovative and user friendly online calendar system located at The site also lets its subscribers (all users of the service collectively known as subscribers) list their business profiles in the new freelance directory. Future enhancements will include a mobile phone application, Google & Outlook integration and Google Checkout. Great benefits for being a subscriber!

How does work and how it can benefit you? Recently launched, allows the subscriber to be paid by the client for their scheduled time in advance at the booking stage of the actual appointment. Compensation becomes especially relevant in case the client is an unannounced last minute no show. This business concept shows potential clients that time is taken seriously by the subscriber. Only prepayment to the subscriber by the client for the allocated time on the subscribers online public calendar confirms a scheduled appointment. subscribers are required to have a PayPal account established in order to be paid and scheduled by clients. This assures secured payment to the subscriber by the client for the scheduled appointment on their online calendar.

Job seekers, is for YOU! Besides subscribing to the online appointment calendar system, subscribers also benefit with the sites freelance directory. Here the subscriber posts their business profile and areas of expertise; essentially allowing the subscriber to advertise their services. Why not advertise! Because of its global reach, helps connect its subscribers with clients anywhere. Subscribers can be of any trade or industry. Any job or project seekers looking to increase their professional visibility on a local, national or global scale will find the directory listing benefit on extremely invaluable. At $6.95 a month after a free 30 day trial period, subscribers and job seekers are provided a very useful and important business tool AND a listing opportunity at a very affordable cost. chose Aloha Development and Invizon ( to assist with further development and marketing of their current business. Invizon owner Kevin Sather was quoted as saying “Invizon is proud to assist in materializing their needs and requirements.”, a web development and design firm located in Viroqua and Wausau, Wisconsin offers graphic design, SEO, site management services and web marketing and content services. brings the future of paid appointment online scheduling to the present while also benefiting its job/project seekers through listing their individual profile in the Freelance Directory. Get paid in advance for your scheduled time with your clients while listing your services to attract potential new clients with Visit for further information.


Get Listed Now Job Seekers, New Internet Freelance Directory With Paid Online Appointment Scheduling & Online Booking System