Mega TV’s ‘Dimelo Bailando’ Completes First Season and Announces Winning Dance Couple

Mega TV’s ‘Dimelo Bailando’ Completes First Season and Announces Winning Dance Couple


Miami, FL–(HISPANIC PR WIRE)–May 25, 2006–“Dimelo Bailando”, Mega TV’s inspiring televised dance competition, which aired Monday through Wednesday at 9:00 p.m. on Channel 22, completed its first season [yesterday] with an electrifying two-hour season finale. Hosted by Nadia Rowinsky, the entire first season of “Dimelo Bailando” delighted Mega TV viewers with 11 weeks of excitement, passion, originality, competition and entertainment.

After two hours of intense competition in yesterday’s exciting finale, Laura and Isaac Altman were announced as the winners after wowing the audience and judges with their artistic dance rendition of the “Grease mix” song. Colombian-born Laura Altman, 35, and her American husband, Isaac, 56, have a dance academy in Miami where they spend a significant amount of time teaching the art of dance. Laura and Isaac not only received a cash prize of $5,000, but also earned the respect and approval of the dance-infused audience.

During the season finale all competitors danced at a Mega TV stage located at the Dolphin Mall and were judged by a jury comprised of: Panamanian singer and dancer, Erika Ender; professional Cuban dancer, Rudi Sanchez; and the multi-talented comedian and dancer, Juan Alba, from Spain. Dance fans also helped judges with their “dedito pa riba” (2 thumbs up) and their “dedito pa bajo” (2 thumbs down), to choose the best dancers.

Also, in attendance for the “Dimelo Bailando” finale was the famous singing Salsa group, N’Klabe. The group’s guest appearance at the finale caused a hearty uproar from the audience as the group performed its best known hits.

Don’t miss “Dimelo Bailando” next season, coming soon only on Mega TV Channel 22.

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Mega TV’s ‘Dimelo Bailando’ Completes First Season and Announces Winning Dance Couple