Voice of Liberty Prevails

Voice of Liberty Prevails

Liberation of Cuban Refugees from Mexican Jail Made Possible by Campaign Led by Javier Ceriani and Zona Cero Team from WCMQ Clásica 92.3 FM


Miami, FL–(HISPANIC PR WIRE – PRNewswire)–January 30, 2008–Spanish Broadcasting System (SBS) (NASDAQ: SBSA) announced today that the Cuban refugees seeking asylum in Mexico under the Law of Political Protection, were released from the Mexican prison, Chetumal in Quintana Roo. Throughout their ordeal, which included a hunger strike in protest of their imprisonment, Javier Ceriani, the host of SBS’ WCMQ-FM Clásica 92.3’s morning show “Zona Cero,” and his crew vigorously campaigned for the release of the detained group on the air and in front of Mexican authorities.

The hearts of Cubans who reside in Miami were touched this morning when they listened to the individual who represented the voice of liberty and spoke on behalf of those Cubans refugees. The group stood with Ceriani and his producer, Claudia Montero, with teary eyes, looking out on to the open sea in Cancun knowing that their long, journey to freedom has arrived.

In the coming days, the group will travel to Miami where they will be welcomed by the rest of the crew at WCMQ Clásica 92.3 FM and South Florida residents.

The Cubans who have been freed are Armando Piñero, Freddy Matos Reyes, Carlos Suárez Cruz, Néstor Escalona Verdesia, Rolando Sarmiento Mesa, Jorge Luis Turro Pérez, Osmani Hidalgo Leyba, Luis César Fleitas Olivera, Marcelino Pérez Diaz, Alexander Ramírez y Rafael Hidalgo Verdesia.

“Once again, liberty and justice have prevailed,” declared an overwhelmed Ceriani, who was broadcasting directly from Cancun.

“The road ahead of us is filled with light and hope,” added Piñero. “We could not have done this without the support of Javier, Claudia, Clásica 92.3 FM’s ‘Zona Cero’ and all of the Cubans in Miami that have encouraged us to keep our fight going.”

The refugees first started their journey on October 26, when they left Cuba from somewhere between Cajio and Guanima, provinces of Havana. After spending six days at sea, they were seized by authorities from the Mexican border patrol and held as prisoners at Chetumal. Thanks to the efforts of officials from Villa Marista in Havana and “Zone Cero,” the refugees took their case to the Mexican government. At first, the Mexican government decided not to execute their deportation but decided to have them detained for 90 days – the maximum amount of time that prisoners are allowed to be held under Mexican immigration law in these cases. After 90 days and a lengthy protest, the Mexican government freed the prisoners, who are now in Cancun enjoying their newfound liberty.

Do not miss the end of this case of human fulfillment that will never be far removed from the conscience of supportive Latin Americans with Cuba, on ”Zona Cero,” which can be heard Monday through Friday from 6:00 AM EST to 10:00 AM EST on WCMQ- Clásica 92.3 FM.

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Voice of Liberty Prevails