Make Spring Cleaning an Enjoyable and Innovative Experience

Make Spring Cleaning an Enjoyable and Innovative Experience


–(HISPANIC PR WIRE – CONTEXTO LATINO)– We enthusiastically wait each season for its beauty, traditions and holidays. It does not matter if you prefer spring or fall; the important thing is to follow the necessary guidelines, particularly in regards to spring-cleaning.

Although many people refuse to believe that they have an instinct for spring-cleaning, a recent survey showed that 43 percent initiate their spring-cleaning projects by April 15 or as soon as they feel the first warm breeze.

In springtime, flowers bloom, days are sunny and the air is fresh. This inspires us to have our homes the same way. Spring has always been directly associated with everything new, brilliant, fresh, aromatic and clean.

Vileda has made cleaning easier and more enjoyable, because it has researched and designed effective products for over 90 years. During consumer investigations and surveys, Vileda continues to collect data directly related to a consumer’s cleaning preference and tendency. It has found that more than 50 percent feel a great satisfaction when finishing a household cleaning chore, especially floors and bathrooms. Thirty percent of those surveyed assured that they give their floors a thorough cleaning at least once a week. Conventional mops are still popular, but with newer materials and more innovative designs.

An example is Pro Wring(R) from Vileda by O-Cedar, a self-twisting mop that packs a “one-two punch” of cleaning materials, CollecTex(TM) and Microfibre, for double cleaning power. It easily helps eliminate stains and scratches from your floors. Likewise, they also have a patent squeezer that helps keep your hands clean and dry.

Meanwhile, the survey also revealed that 43 percent of people state that cleaning the bathroom is the chore that they dread the most and the least enjoyable. Vileda by O-Cedar Powerfibres brushes with Micro Pearls make this chore a snap. The brushes remove more dirt than ordinary bristle brushes making cleaning faster and more efficient. The toilet bowl brushes with Micro Pearls have long lasting antimicrobial properties. A special silver based impregnation controls slow release of silver ions, which kills 99-percent of bacteria on the brush and stays hygienic for years.

Remember that for fast and effective home cleaning, you should select the proper tools and products. It is important that once you finish cleaning, you feel satisfied and have enough time left over to relax and enjoy the warm air with your family.

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Make Spring Cleaning an Enjoyable and Innovative Experience