Havana Club, Original Icon of Cuban Yesteryear, Re-Launched In the U.S.

Havana Club, Original Icon of Cuban Yesteryear, Re-Launched In the U.S.

Recreated with authentic formula of 1935 by Bacardi, the world’s leading authority on rum


Miami, FL–(HISPANIC PR WIRE)–August 8, 2006–Havana Club, based on the original premium rum that was one of Cuba’s most treasured exports, is being re-launched in the U.S. by Bacardi U.S.A. Havana Club is based on the original recipe by the Arechabala family, who created the rum in 1935 and exported it to the United States and other countries.

“It is great, unbelievable. It’s based on the secret recipe that we gave to Bacardi so they could make it the same way we used to make it in Cuba,” says Ramon Arechabala, one of the original owners.

Available in Florida in limited quantities, and appealing to astute and adventurous palates, Havana Club is an ultra-smooth, clear, premium spirit, distilled and finely crafted in Puerto Rico.

“Havana Club is the best of both worlds,” says Jose Gomez, Master Blender. “It has the complexity, roundness and full flavor of an aged product, but at the same time it is extremely smooth, light and mixable like a light rum.”

Master Blender Luis Planas adds, “When nosing and tasting you can pick up the sugar cane notes and a subtle sweetness, but at the same time Havana Club has the backbone of an aged product. We have followed the original recipe given us by the Arechabalas and it has everything we look for in a premium offering.”

Following that authentic recipe of 1935, the Master Blenders begin with traditional black-strap molasses (an extraction of highly concentrated and caramelized sugar cane). The rum is now produced with an ultra slow-fermentation process (three times slower than classical fermentation) that extracts a highly rich, full rum flavor. The spirit is then five times distilled and aged up to three years in hand-selected American White Oak barrels, resulting in just the right combination of roundness and balance. The interaction between the wood and the aging product is what creates its smooth quality and complex flavors. In addition, the rum is married (blended) at different stages in the process and undergoes filtration as many as seven times to meet the specifications of Havana Club.

Havana Club was a favorite of American and European tourists in Cuba’s fashionable nightspots from the 1930s until 1960. The company that produced and exported Havana Club, Jose Arechabala S.A., was the continuation of a business that was founded in Cuba in 1878. On January 1, 1960, the company and all of its assets were seized by the Cuban government without compensation. The Arechabala family was forced to flee their homeland, but never gave up hope of re-launching Havana Club.

Havana Club transports consumers back to the time it was created: sultry nights, swanky nightclubs, and pulsating Latin music in a place that socialites frequented to experience an exotic landscape.

According to John H. Gomez, Vice President, Bacardi U.S.A., “Discerning consumers want premium spirits with authenticity. They are also seeking spirits that are smooth, mixable and fun in nature which is one of the reasons why the rum category is exhibiting exceptional growth. Americans are increasingly choosing rum as their spirit of choice.” Gomez adds, “A great rum like Havana Club is perfectly poised to take advantage of the current classic cocktail trend for drinks like the Daiquiri and Mojito which are associated with the glitter of Hollywood past and sultry Havana nights. Havana Club takes you back to the time when it was created and enjoyed this way.”

Evocative of a glamorous, sophisticated time, the distinctive flavor of Havana Club will soon be found in the retro-chic cocktails that people are now rediscovering. Richard Carleton Hacker, spirits expert and contributor to The Robb Report, notes, “The nutty licorice and oak undertones, a hint of melted butter, and a slight smokiness separates Puerto Rican Havana Club from other white rums and adds complexity to any cocktail.”

Gary Regan, author of The Joy of Mixology and host of http://www.ardentspirits.com adds, “Havana Club from Puerto Rico is an incredibly well-crafted rum that mixologists are going to find extremely useful for cocktail preparation. It’s complex enough, and smooth enough, to be sipped neat, or over ice, but it also has a wonderful sharp quality that shines right through classics such as Mojitos and Daiquiris. It will, no doubt, be the base of many new cocktails to come, too.”

Historically, in addition to being produced from Cuba, Havana Club was also made in Puerto Rico –during World War II, in order to ensure a continuous supply to the United States and because of higher war time taxes on exports from Cuba.

With stunning packaging that combines elegant 1930’s details with a contemporary silhouette, the Havana Club bottle artfully brings together the past and the present. The acid-etched bottle is encircled by art-deco fluting and a retro typeface that recalls Havana in its heyday. Havana Club is a clear 80-proof rum and will sell for the suggested retail price of $19.99. Its re-launch begins in Florida in August.

About Bacardi

Bacardi USA is the import, sales, and marketing arm of one of the world’s leading wine and spirits producers. Bacardi USA boasts a brand portfolio of some the United States’ most recognized and top selling spirits including: BACARDI rum, the favorite spirit in the U.S. and favorite rum in the world; GREY GOOSE vodka, the world leader in ultra premium vodka; MARTINI & ROSSI vermouth, the world leader in Vermouth; DEWAR’S scotch whisky, the favorite selling blended scotch whisky in the United States; BOMBAY SAPPHIRE gin, the best selling super premium gin in the US; and CAZADORES blue agave tequila, the top selling 100% blue agave tequila in the world and other fine brands.


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Havana Club, Original Icon of Cuban Yesteryear, Re-Launched In the U.S.