Hispanic Group Launches New Website Chock-Full of Latino Insights

Hispanic Group Launches New Website Chock-Full of Latino Insights


MIAMI, June 12, 2012 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — Today, general market companies understand the importance of communicating with Latinos by looking them in the eyes and are no longer just translating their messages in Spanish and calling it a Hispanic campaign, a reality that Hispanic Group has championed for the last decade as part of its theory of ultrasegmentation.

Hispanic Group, an independent, minority-owned agency that specializes in customized communications solutions across all disciplines of advertising, traditional, digital and social media, branded content, direct response services and experiential marketing to the varied and fast-growing segments of the Hispanic population, today launched its newly redesigned website with the latest Latino news, advertising case studies and industry best practices.

As a pioneer and expert reaching Latinos in the U.S., Hispanic Group is a multi-cultural agent with two main goals. The first is to educate companies that cater to the general market so they can learn the “Hispanounidense” language — what a Hispanic living in the U.S. speaks. The second is to build an effective communication channel in order to reach and impact the Hispanic consumer.

The newly redesigned website is a one-stop shop for Latino news, insights and events in the U.S., offering visitors relevant content such as:

— Trends, Facts and Tidbits: The revamped site features the latest research, surveys and studies on the ever growing Hispanic population and insights on future trends. We stay on top of the latest figures to help you stay ahead of the competition.

— Industry News: Find the latest news on issues impacting the Hispanic population in real-time scrolling on the website.

— Teamwork: There is no “I” in the word team and nobody knows that better than Hispanic Group. That’s why as part of the overall design, rotating images of employees appear throughout the website, along with interesting facts about them. Get to know someone new on the team every time you visit the site.

— Case Studies: Successful case studies from some of the leading national brands that have launched Latino campaigns are openly shared on the new site.

— Work Samples: The new site serves as an online resume with a who’s who roster of past campaigns Hispanic Group has worked on.

With more than a decade managing campaigns for top advertisers, Hispanic Group is an agency led by Latinos, that understands the Latino population and is most effective at reaching the right demographics within the diverse population.

“While some advertisers may see Hispanics as a secondary market, we see fifty million Hispanic super consumers and focus on the general market companies that want to expand their business by understanding their needs and culture,” said Jose Luis Valderrama, President and founder of Hispanic Group.

For more information about Hispanic Group, please visit us at http://www.hispanicgroup.net, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter @HispanicGroupHG.

About Hispanic Group

Hispanic Group has been working with Latino consumers and brands for more than a decade and has expert knowledge of how to craft meaningful messages to reach Latinos centered on the concept of ultrasegmentation, a term they coined. The theory of ultrasegmentation consists on filtering demographic information on Hispanics in the U.S. to offer customized advertising solutions that garner maximum reach and frequency.

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Hispanic Group Launches New Website Chock-Full of Latino Insights