Hoodiny Announces Rebrand of its Music Community Elhood.Com as Cyloop.Com

Hoodiny Announces Rebrand of its Music Community Elhood.Com as Cyloop.Com


Miami, FL–(HISPANIC PR WIRE)–September 4, 2007–Hoodiny Entertainment Group, LLC (“Hoodiny”), a full-service digital entertainment and content production company, announced today that it has rebranded its music community as Cyloop.com.

“We are very pleased to announce that what began as a niche service for the U.S. Hispanic market, has now evolved into a global music community and music service with universal appeal and applicability,” noted Demian M. Bellumio, president of Hoodiny Entertainment Group, LLC. “As a result, we have rebranded elHood as Cyloop, which will serve not only as a music community destination, but as a platform that can become an operating system for the music industry. We believe that our unique business model provides a clear value proposition for everyone who uses our site, including content owners, distribution partners, advertisers and end users.”

Cyloop differentiates itself by being an “artist-generated,” as opposed to a “user-generated,” content community. In Cyloop, labels and independent artists can easily create highly professional profiles while sharing their content securely with their fans. Users can access entire on-demand music and audio catalogs from leading artists, and easily create interactive playlists, or ”Loops” — hence the name “Cyloop.”

“All registered users on the site can create and share their Loops with their friends or discover new music by browsing through the profiles of artists, friends and other members of the Cyloop community,” explained Bellumio. “In fact, users can collect all the music they want by just visiting a Cyloop profile, clicking on the music tab, and drag-and-dropping their favorite songs into their own Loop library.”

About Hoodiny Entertainment Group LLC

Hoodiny Entertainment Group (“Hoodiny”) is a full-service digital entertainment and content production company. Through its four main subsidiaries, Cyloop.com, Hoodiny Digital, Hoodiny Interactive, and Hoodiny Productions, Hoodiny bridges a digital gap by providing a wide array of leading edge digital entertainment solutions to traditional media companies and telecom providers. Cyloop.com connects artists and fans worldwide through its unique digital user-experience featuring exclusive content from independent and major label artists. Hoodiny Interactive (“HI”) is the digital solutions arm of Hoodiny, specializing in the creation of custom online destinations for premium content providers based on Hoodiny’s proprietary Content and Community Platform (“HC2”). Hoodiny has offices in Miami Beach, Los Angeles, and Madrid. To learn more or join the community, please visit http://www.Hoodiny.com and http://www.Cyloop.com

Hoodiny Announces Rebrand of its Music Community Elhood.Com as Cyloop.Com