H&R Block Plans to Hire 5,000 Spanish Speaking Tax Professionals For Tax...

H&R Block Plans to Hire 5,000 Spanish Speaking Tax Professionals For Tax Season

Enrollment for H&R Block’s Tax Training School is Now Open


Kansas City, MO–(HISPANIC PR WIRE)–August 2, 2004–H&R Block, the nation’s leading tax services provider, has announced plans to hire more than 5,000 Spanish-speaking tax professionals nationwide for the 2005 tax season in order to meet the growing needs of Hispanic taxpayers. Openings will be available in Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, New York and many other cities where the Latino community has a relevant presence.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, more than one in eight people living in the United States is of Hispanic origin, making Latinos the nation’s largest minority group. By hiring additional bilingual tax professionals, H&R Block is making sure that the company has all the resources in place to provide best-in-class service to clients in their language of preference, particularly on a topic as complicated and confusing as taxes.

Bilingual capabilities are necessary for a company that serves Hispanics and understands the unique characteristics that make up every group within this community. Hispanics come from a variety of countries in Latin America. Tax returns in the United States require certain information that Hispanics may not be familiar with because tax compliance is different in their countries of origin. When providing services to this community, understanding its diversity is of utmost importance.

“At H&R Block we know that the service we provide to Hispanic taxpayers involves helping them become familiarized with the U.S. tax legislation and assisting them as they plan for their financial future,” said Sheila Dougherty, manager of multicultural programs at H&R Block. “Many of them need to discuss tax matters in Spanish, especially first generation Latinos.”

“H&R Block’s bilingual tax professionals continuously take required training courses in order to remain up-to-speed on all changes and updates to the tax legislation,” added Dougherty. “Our Tax Training School has classes in Spanish for Hispanics interested in learning a new skill or starting a new career.”

H&R Block’s Tax Training School program is an 11-week income tax course designed for those without existing tax knowledge as well as those wanting to update their tax skills. The training provided by H&R Block has allowed people to embark on a new career path and become successful tax professionals. For seasoned professionals, the Tax Training School helps them further their tax knowledge and expertise.

Although completion of the tax training course is neither an offer nor a guarantee of employment with H&R Block, the training may help Spanish-speaking students access career opportunities in the tax preparation field.

“H&R Block’s Tax Training School provided valuable skills that helped me in both my personal and professional life,” said Noemi Muñoz, H&R Block senior tax advisor. “Even today we are required to take higher level tax courses which are great tools for my ongoing professional development.”

Beginning Sept. 13, H&R Block’s Tax Training School will offer classes in Spanish at many H&R Block offices located in Hispanic communities throughout the country. The courses are taught by experienced H&R Block professionals, many with more than a decade of expertise in serving tax clients. The H&R Block Tax Training School program will cover income, credits, deductions and expenses, among other topics.

To learn more about course schedules, locations, enrollment and class fees*, call toll-free (866) 790-1115 (Spanish-speaking operators are available) or visit the company’s Web site at http://www.hrblock.com/espanol.

* Fees vary at participating offices.

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H&R Block Plans to Hire 5,000 Spanish Speaking Tax Professionals For Tax Season