Hyundai Motor America Joins Los Angeles Police Department and LAUSD-School Safe Traffic...

Hyundai Motor America Joins Los Angeles Police Department and LAUSD-School Safe Traffic Zone to Launch Traffic Safety Workshops

Los Angeles Police Department Teach Children First Traffic Safety Course of Summer Series at Richard Riordan Primary Center



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Los Angeles, CA–(HISPANIC PR WIRE – BUSINESS WIRE)–June 23, 2004–Hyundai Motor America launched today, at Richard Riordan Primary Center, a series of summer traffic safety workshops developed in partnership with the Los Angeles Police Department, the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD)-School Safe Traffic Zone and Kid Watch L.A. to raise community awareness among children and adults, and to help reduce motor vehicle collisions and pedestrian injuries and fatalities. To communicate critical precautionary measures on traffic safety, a 10-page bilingual Hyundai Safetyville coloring book was developed with pedestrian and car safety messages and general safety tips when children are swimming and home alone. A Hyundai traffic safety mascot — kangaroo — was also unveiled that will be used to support safety programs for children.

“Hyundai Motor America is proud to announce its continued commitment to traffic safety by showcasing the new tools developed in conjunction with LAPD and LAUSD to raise community awareness among children and adults, and to help reduce the alarming statistics related to motor vehicle collisions. As an auto manufacturer, Hyundai Motor America wants to keep families safe when operating motor vehicles and to promote healthy communities,” affirms Donna Kane, Hyundai Motor America. “We created The ABCs of Traffic Safety – Always Be Careful – in the fall of 2003 to remind drivers, occupants, and pedestrians about proper use of safety belts and child restraints; promote safe driving by commuters particularly in reduced speed school zones; and ensure children have been properly instructed on crossing streets.”

“As a department, we join Hyundai in this partnership with our shared responsibility to enhance the safety, awareness, and education of our children. Indeed, our children are our future and our most precious commodity. They rely on us for their protection, security, and assurance. The Hyundai Safetyville and LAPD coloring book reinforces traffic safety principles to maintain children’s safety,” stated Richard A. Meraz, Captain Commanding Officer, Central Traffic Division, LAPD.

“This coloring book will help parents innoculate their children against the hazards our kids face daily on their way to and from school. Sadly, too many are hurt and injured at the hands of adults. Our children must count on us to change this behavior, be it speeding at schools, failure to yield at crosswalks or making sure our kids are wearing helmets,” affirmed School Board Member David Tokofsky.

LAUSD-School Safe Traffic Zone Project Director, Tana Ball, added, “Interactive educational tools, such as this Hyundai Safetyville coloring book, are one of the most effective methods to stop pedestrian fatalities among our youth. We are talking about a wonderful collaboration to bring about a fun coloring book in Spanish and English, talking about all the hazards students face traveling to schools. It is a coloring book that a parent will enjoy looking at and learning with the child. The adults need to learn as much as the children regarding traffic, bus, train safety and stranger danger.”

“There are a lot of things a child can learn at a school that go beyond reading and writing. That’s why I applaud Hyundai and the parents of the Riordan Primary Center for working together with my office and the LAPD in keeping our children safe by teaching them basic traffic safety skills which can literary save their lives,” said Councilmember Ed P. Reyes.

“This coloring book vividly illustrates pedestrian and bicycle safety in a fun way utilizing realistic situations and scenarios that children relate to and encounter everyday in their community,” stated Ana Barraza, Principal of Richard Riordan Primary Center.

About Hyundai ABCs of Traffic Safety Program

Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for Hispanics ages 1-34, and the third leading cause of death for all ages, surpassed only by heart disease and cancer. In addition, the second leading cause of death and serious injuries to children in California is pedestrian accidents and 62 percent of all child pedestrian fatalities were Hispanic. Traditionally, better state laws and stricter enforcement have been implemented to address this issue, as well as tougher federal safety standards and improved vehicle design. It is equally important for individuals to take the proper precautionary measures, and to reinforce safe driving among commuters.

In the fall of 2003, Hyundai launched the ABCs of Traffic Safety Back-To-School Campaign in Los Angeles to raise awareness and educate families on precautionary measures to help reduce motor vehicle related injuries and fatalities among Hispanics. To further communicate the traffic safety message, Hyundai spearheaded community outreach efforts at key Hispanic events offering traffic safety clinics at Hyundai Safetyville through partnerships with federal, state and local government agencies.

About Hyundai Safetyville

Hyundai Safetyville is a 200 sq. ft. miniature city that includes a house, school, grocery store and playground all connected by a four-way intersection with realistic traffic symbols strategically located throughout the city. This mini-size city has been created to teach children, up to the age of 10, and their parents basic traffic safety lessons in an interactive and fun way, utilizing realistic scenarios most children would encounter in their lives. Each child receives a Hyundai Safetyville certificate upon completion of the Hyundai ABCs of Traffic.

About Hyundai Motor America

Hyundai Motor America, headquartered in Fountain Valley, Calif., is a subsidiary of Hyundai Motor Company of Korea. Hyundai cars and sport utility vehicles are sold and serviced by Hyundai Motor America through more than 600 dealers nationwide. For more information about Hyundai Motor America, please visit




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Hyundai Motor America Joins Los Angeles Police Department and LAUSD-School Safe Traffic Zone to Launch Traffic Safety Workshops