IBS Announces New Living Version of the Bible for Spanish Speakers

IBS Announces New Living Version of the Bible for Spanish Speakers


Colorado Springs, CO–(HISPANIC PR WIRE – BUSINESS WIRE)–August 14, 2006–International Bible Society (IBS) announces the completion of the Nueva Biblia al Dia (NBD) Bible, bringing the Scriptures to life for a new generation of Spanish-speaking Bible readers. International Bible Society, the copyright holder of the Living Bible in every language except English, is releasing this Spanish New Living version as a trustworthy translation in conversational Spanish. This version is considered particularly relevant for youth and for introducing people to Scripture for the first time (evangelism), though it is expected to be equally effective in training those already familiar with the Scriptures (discipleship).

The Nueva Biblia al Dia is expected to have high impact within the Latin American community. “We anticipate this text will open the door to vast evangelism throughout the continent,” said Steve Johnson, Vice President of the Americas for International Bible Society. Johnson continued: “The Nueva Biblia al Dia communicates God’s Word in plain, understandable Spanish for Spanish-speakers who may never have been exposed to the Bible. The easily understood, multiple formats will assist Spanish-speaking youth throughout the Americas to experience the Word of God.”

IBS expects to release this translation in formats that speak to specific needs of its audiences. The illustrated New Testament for children has already been released in Miami where the project was considered highly successful. Dr. Luciano Jaramillo, the IBS-Latin America Area Director, is very familiar with the plight of Latin American children who might not otherwise have access to Scripture. “We were able to produce a text faithful to the originals and also keep the legacy that consists of presenting the Bible in a language that is easy to read and understand,” Jaramillo said.

“The team has done a magnificent job translating in a dynamic equivalency format (thought for thought) from the original languages to Spanish,” said Larry Downs, Vice President of Grupo Nelson Publishing. Downs, instrumental in getting this Scripture translation into public hands through a commercial agreement with IBS, describes the NBD as “the everyday personal-use Bible; it’s the ‘as if the Bible was written for me’ translation.”

International Bible Society believes in the power and relevancy of Scripture to change lives, and as such, translates Scripture and presents it in compelling formats. The Nueva Biblia al Dia is IBS’ latest translation; it will be ready for ministry and outreach distribution through IBS, and available commercially through Grupo Nelson Publishing, no later than the end of 2006.

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IBS Announces New Living Version of the Bible for Spanish Speakers