Important Health Tool Simplifies the Process of Selecting Eyeglasses

Important Health Tool Simplifies the Process of Selecting Eyeglasses

Transitions Optical’s new eyeglass guide makes your next purchase simple and helps you select features to enhance the way you see the world


Pinellas Park, FL–(HISPANIC PR WIRE)–June 20, 2007–Selecting a new pair of eyeglasses can be a cumbersome task. With today’s wide range of lens materials and designs, frames and other features such as UV protection, there are a number of considerations people must make when selecting the best possible glasses to suit their visual needs and lifestyle. Transitions Optical created the new Eyeglass Guide to educate consumers and to help them feel more comfortable in talking to their eyecare professional, so they can purchase a pair of eyeglasses that will not only preserve their healthy sight, but will help them see and look their best, too.

The Eyeglass Guide has been tailored to suit the needs of Hispanic families and is the latest initiative from Transitions Optical as part of its commitment to help Latinos achieve healthy sight. The guide is a clear and concise online reference tool, which also appears in the June issue Reader’s Digest.

“Transitions Optical is proud to offer this free resource to all Hispanic families. Selecting the right eyeglasses is one of the most important investments we can make to protect our eye health and that of our family members,” noted Martha Rivera, Hispanic marketing manager for Transitions Optical. “Our Eyeglass Guide clearly explains the key factors that should be considered when selecting lenses and frames, allowing you to prepare before you visit your eyecare professional and help you make informed choices,” she added.

The Eyeglass Guide also explains how to protect your eyes from the effects of the sun’s eye-damaging rays as ultraviolet (UV) radiation is present both indoors and outdoors, year-round, regardless of whether it’s sunny, cloudy or in-between.

“When a patient is selecting a pair of eyeglasses, he or she should consider lenses that offer 100% UV protection. An ideal choice for prescription lens wears of all ages is Transitions(R) lenses that block 100% of UV and UVB radiation and promote the immediate and long-term health of their eyes,” said Dr. Madeline Romeu, O.D., F.A.A.O., and global optometric advisor for Transitions Optical. “Two ailments which have high incidence rates among Hispanics – cataracts and early macular degeneration – have been directly linked to cumulative UV exposure. It’s critical for everyone to take steps to protect their eye health from this ever-present threat.”

In addition to helping patients select the best type of eyeglass lenses, the guide also offers important counsel on various considerations when selecting frames, such as which styles and colors are best suited for different skin complexions, hair color and face structure. The Eyeglass Guide offers a comprehensive approach to helping consumers and their eyecare professionals discuss eyewear options that best fit their visual and lifestyle needs.

The Eyeglass Guide will soon be available for free downloads at For more information about Transitions(R) lenses or Transitions Optical’s Hispanic eye health education initiatives, please visit

About Transitions

Based in Pinellas Park, Florida, Transitions Optical, Inc., was the first company to successfully market photosensible lenses in 1990. Today, it is a leading provider of photosensible technology for eyewear manufacturers. Transitions Optical offers the most advanced photosensible technology in the market, along with the widest selection of lens designs, materials and brands. Transitions Optical is also the manufacturer of Transitions(R) lenses, the #1-recommended photochromic lenses worldwide. Transitions lenses are the ideal choice for your everyday eyewear because they adjust automatically to changing light conditions—going from clear indoors to as dark as sunglasses in bright, glaring sunlight.

Transitions Optical owns and operates plants in the US (Pinellas Park), Ireland (Tuam), Brazil (Sumaré), Australia (Adelaide), Philippines (Laguna) and Thailand (Chonburi). Its sales offices are located in the US, Canada and other nations.

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Important Health Tool Simplifies the Process of Selecting Eyeglasses