Independent Spanish Network to Televise Papal Burial Live from the Vatican This...

Independent Spanish Network to Televise Papal Burial Live from the Vatican This Friday

‘La Cadena de la Hermandad’ forms to broadcast ceremony to over 55% of U.S. Hispanic Households, Covering 21 Major U.S. Latino Markets


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Miami , FL–(HISPANIC PR WIRE)–April 6, 2005–In an unprecedented collaboration
in the Spanish television industry, three independent broadcasters, Bela Broadcasting,
LLC., Caballero Television, Inc. and WDLP, LLC., announced today that they have
joined forces to form the Independent Spanish Network (ISN), referred to as
“La Cadena de la Hermandad” (“The Brotherhood Network”),
and will broadcast the Papal burial ceremonies across all their independent
U.S. Spanish-language stations, this Friday, live from the Vatican.

The program titled “Entre La Tierra y El Cielo, La Santa Despedida del
Papa” (“From Heaven and Earth, the Pope’s Sacred Farewell”)
will broadcast to 55% of the U.S. Latino households, covering 21 major Hispanic
markets, via all the combined independent ISN stations.

“As independent stations, we’re committed to provide relevant programming
to the viewers in the markets we serve,” said Robert Behar, President of
Bela Broadcasting, LLC. The passing of the Pope is a historical event that is
impacting the lives of our viewers and it is our duty to deliver this special
localized coverage.”

The program will broadcast at 3:00 AM (EST), hosted by Maria Elvira Salazar
and Ricardo Brown, live from WDLP-TV Studios in Miami, Florida, and will also
include commentary from famed Roman-Catholic Priest, Padre Alberto, from EWTN
Studios in Birmingham, AL. Additional insights will air live from KBEH-TV Studios
in Los Angeles, CA.

“The unfortunate event that has brought us together is much more important
than our different philosophies about our programming,” said Eduardo Caballero,
CEO of MásMúsica(R) TeVe. “The Hispanic communities of the
United States will be well served by this dynamic group of TV stations which
honors, respects and shares their feelings for the loss of their beloved Pope.” 

ISN stations will return to their regularly scheduled programs after the broadcast
is over and plan to reunite again in the future for special broadcast events.

“We’ve come together for this special broadcast event and united
our individual strengths — from talent, to crew to technical capabilities,
to create an organization with impact. It’s the sum of all our parts that
makes this endeavor so powerful.” said Dr. William De La Peña, President

The following is the list of ISN stations that will broadcast the event:

KBEH-TV Channel 63     Los Angeles               
Bela Broadcasting, LLC
KBLM-LP Channel 25     San Bernardino-Riverside   Caballero
KTRO-LP Channel 50     Lancaster-Palmdale        
Caballero Television
KXOM-LP Channel 9      San Diego                 
Caballero Television
KMMC-LP Channel 40     San Francisco/San Jose     Caballero
KHMM-CA Channel 14     Fresno                    
Caballero Television
KMMK-LP Channel 14     Sacramento     
KMUM-CA Channel 15     Sacramento                
Caballero Television
KMMW-LP Channel 47     Stockton                  
Caballero Television
KMMD-CA Channel 3      Salinas-Monterey          
Caballero Television
KVMM-CA Channel 41     Santa Barbara             
Caballero Television
KQMM-CA Channel 14     Santa Maria               
Caballero Televisión
KMMA-CA Channel 18     San Luis Obispo           
Caballero Televisión

WGEN Channel 8         Miami                
     WDLP, LLP
WFUN-CA Channel 48     Miami                     
Caballero Television
WBWP-LP Channel 57     West Palm Beach           
Caballero Television

KJIB-LP Channel 5      Houston                   
Caballero Television
KVDO-LP Channel 69     Houston                   
Caballero Television
KMHZ-LP Channel 59     San Antonio               
Caballero Televisión
KGMM-CA Channel 44     San Antonio               
Caballero Televisión
KLEG-LP Channel 44     Dallas                    
Caballero Television
KGBS-CA Channel 32     Austin                    
Caballero Television
KQUX Channel 11        Austin                    
Caballero Television
KCCX-LP Channel 24     Corpus Christi            
Caballero Television
KZAV-LP Channel 21     McAllen/Brownsville       
Caballero Television

KMOH-TV Channel 6      Phoenix                   
Bela Broadcasting, LLC
& 19


For more information on ISN and this week’s special broadcast, visit the
website at or email


Bela Broadcasting’s stations are 24-hour Spanish-language channels that
air programming made by the new Latino generation, for the new Latino family,
and, the only Spanish-language channels to offer six hours of children’s
programming Monday through Friday.

KBEH-TV reaches more than 5.3 million television households, and more than
2 million pay-TV households, in the Los Angeles and Santa Barbara media markets. 
KMOH-TV can currently be seen in 250,000 television households, and over 170,000
pay-TV households, in the Phoenix media market and surrounding areas.


Caballero Television is the owner and operator of 12 Class A and low power
Television stations in the U.S., making it one of the largest Hispanic-owned
television broadcast companies in the country. 

MásMúsica(R) TeVe Network features 24 hours of the latest music
videos and original programming with a unique mix of the most popular Spanish
music formats including Regional

Mexican, Latin Pop, Tropical and Rock en Español. The network’s
programming is geared to the

young, growing Hispanic market. MásMúsica(R) TeVe Network was
launched in March, 1998.


For more information about WDLP, please visit


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Independent Spanish Network to Televise Papal Burial Live from the Vatican This Friday