Ground Breaking Cultural Film Released Today on DVD

Ground Breaking Cultural Film Released Today on DVD

Desert Mountain Media announces the release of Novia Que Te Vea (Like a Bride)‘An insightful gripping coming of age conflict’ TLC Newsletter


Phoenix, AZ–(HISPANIC PR WIRE)–August 24, 2004–One of the first films to portray Mexico’s Jewish community in all its complexities, the fascinating Like a Bride covers the personal and political awakening of two young women. Set in the political turmoil of Mexico City in the 1960s, the story is a “witty, poignant and touching” (Box Office Reviews) coming of age film about two young Jewish women, one of European descent and the other of Turkish descent. Their parents expect their daughters to follow traditional paths – to marry and have children. But these women defy family and societal expectations in their pursuit of happiness and experiment with socialism, feminism and revolutionary politics.

A first in the industry, the film by renowned director Guita Schyfter, is shot primarily in Ladino and Spanish with some Hebrew and Yiddish. With great performances from Claudette Maille (Like Water for Chocolate), telenovela star Ernesto La Guardia, Angelica Aragon (Havana Nights, The Crime of Padre Amaro) and Emilio Echavarria (Amores Perros, The Alamo), the film won 5 Mexican Academy Awards including Best First Work (Guita Schyfter), Best Supporting Actress (Anjelica Aragon), and Best Screenplay. The film won the Audience Awards at the Chicago International Film Festival, Toronto Film Festival and Guadalahara Film festivals. Ms. Schyfter was inspired to do a film about her Jewish heritage by Nobel laureate Isaac Bashevis Singer. He said, “If you want to do something important, look into your own roots,” Ms. Schyfter recounted.

Like a Bride illuminates the world of Mexico’s Jews, whose history in that country dates back to the 16th Century, when Spanish Jews fled the Inquisition and emigrated to Latin America, bringing their rare language, Ladino (a corruption of Latin), with them. Like a Bride refers to that story, but focuses on the era after WWII when an influx of European Jews, fleeing Hitler, settled in Mexico.

Like A Bride, part of the Latin Cinema Collection, has been digitally restored, and includes English subtitles, English and Spanish menus, biographies and trailers. Like a Bride has a SRP of $19.95 and is available at Blockbuster, Tower, Best Buy, Amazon, Netflix and other fine retailers.

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Ground Breaking Cultural Film Released Today on DVD