Alfaguara Publishes Jaime Bayly’s Latest Novel ‘Moriras manana: 1 El Escritor Sale...

Alfaguara Publishes Jaime Bayly’s Latest Novel ‘Moriras manana: 1 El Escritor Sale a Matar’

(Tomorrow You Die. 1 The Writer Sets Out to Kill)


MIAMI, Dec. 7, 2010 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — A scathing critic, a failed writer, a vain journalist, a thieving editor, and a betraying woman are the victims of Jaime Bayly’s protagonist in his new work “Moriras manana: 1 El escritor sale a matar,” the first installment in a trilogy to be published by Alfaguara.

“I have an indeterminate, and certainly a large number of enemies. But true enemies are those that you refuse to leave alive when you know you are going to die soon,” said Jaime Bayly. The author stated that the enemies exterminated in his new book are inspired by real people.

“I wouldn’t have written this novel if I hadn’t read Stieg Larsson’s trilogy. As a writer, Larsson humiliated me, as a reader, he drugged me,” stated Bayly to El Comercio newspaper.

Javier Garces’ days are counted. The strange combination of success and bad reputation that constitute his fortune doesn’t much matter to the writer anymore. His goal is to make his last six months into the best months of his life. To accomplish this, his plan is clear: he will kill his worst enemies. Knowing that once he starts there is no turning back, he plots, with calculated moves, one by one, five murders.

They have all conspired against him and against his work. For this reason, Javier is not looking to accomplish something as simple as revenge or an act of justice. His is a quest for the obliteration of ugliness and the restoration of beauty – a purely aesthetic gesture.

In “El escritor sale a matar,” the first installment of the Moriras manana trilogy, behind the cruel but funny crimes plotted by the main character, the often abhorrent reality of the literary world-or more appropriately the system it represents, with its critics, editors, agents, authors and readers-shines through. Caught between a love and hate for the literary world, the author hopes, above all, to restore literature to its simple and profound state of art.

Jaime Bayly was born in Lima, Peru, in 1965. After 10 years as a journalist, in 1994 he began his writing career with the novel No se lo digas a nadie. The virtues of his writing are recognized: feverish and likeable characters, a deep understanding of action, and, above all, a mordant sense of humor. Alfaguara has published “Los amigos que perdí”, and, in 2009, “El cojo y el loco”, the first novel where his alter ego is apparently absent. In early 2010, Alfaguara published new editions of four key works: “Fue ayer y no me acuerdo”, “Los ultimos dias de La Prensa”, “No se lo digas a nadie”, and “Yo amo a mi mami”.

The book, published under the editorial seal Alfaguara, is available in bookstores nationwide.


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Alfaguara Publishes Jaime Bayly’s Latest Novel ‘Moriras manana: 1 El Escritor Sale a Matar’