‘Juanito Jones’ and ‘The Triplets’ (Las Tres Mellizas) Raise The Bar In...

‘Juanito Jones’ and ‘The Triplets’ (Las Tres Mellizas) Raise The Bar In The Latino Kids Video Market

Two Original Spanish-Language, Animated Kids Series Foster Moral Values, Teach Great History Lessons And Develop Problem-Solving Practices


Los Angeles, CA–(HISPANIC PR WIRE)–October 20, 2003–Experience the exciting journeys and ingenious magic of Juanito Jones and enjoy the delightfully cute escapades of Las Tres Mellizas (The Triplets) as both animated series come to home video on November 4 in retail outlets throughout the country. Studio Latino and StudioWorks Entertainment, sister divisions of Ventura Distribution, are releasing both Cromosoma- produced children’s projects in Spanish and English on DVD and in Spanish only on VHS. The DVD’s are available with either Spanish or English packaging. SRP is $9.99 for VHS and $14.99 for DVD.

Share in the life experiences of Juanito Jones, the little boy who thinks of himself as a young Indiana Jones, as he uses his imagination to travel on fantastic adventures, confront dangerous situations, and overcome his boyish fears during each exciting expedition. Even in the most complicated of circumstances, Juanito remembers to use non-violent methods and to rely on both his wits and intelligence to solve each predicament he encounters. Once in a while, he uses the help of his side-kick friend Sombra, an adorable little brown teddy bear, to aid in difficult situations.

Juanito Jones, targeting kids ages 3 to 10, teaches children how to solve everyday problems. The series appeals to both the Latino and interracial markets as Juanito comes from an intercultural family with a Mexican mother and an Anglo father. The series has been nominated for a 2003 Industry for Television in Español award for best “Latin American Animation” and airs on television in Spain, Mexico and Latin America.

The series also airs on Saturday mornings on the Univision network in the United States and reaches millions of Latino households. “Juanito Jones is a children’s story that is special to us at StudioWorks and Studio Latino: Juanito reminds us about the importance of family support and the true meaning of friendship, no matter what trials and tribulations we as children experience,” says Studio Latino Vice President Daniel Malaguilla.

In the delightfully educational animated adventure videos of Las Tres Mellizas (The Triplets), Great Adventures and Christmas Special, the core story lines are based on the relationship between The Triplets, Anna, Teresa and Helena, and the Bored Witch, a magical character whose greatest delight is to play tricks on the little girls.

In each enchanting episode, Las Tres Mellizas (The Triplets), do something wrong and as punishment, the Bored Witch sends them into a fairy tale, a classic story or, back in time to embark on shared adventures with famous historical characters. Classic story lines that teach moral values and are a great educational history lesson for the entire family, Las Tres Mellizas, targeting children ages 4-10, is sure to become a holiday tradition for young and old!

StudioWorks co-president Gregory M. Yulish states that, “Cromosoma has brought to the North American market two wonderful franchises that translate into English with the Universal language of family values, sharing and educational values.”

Studio Latino is a champion of the diverse home entertainment interests of US Latinos and, as distributor, is committed to securing the appropriate retail shelf space for Latino video products. Studio Latino was established early in 2003 by Ventura Distribution, a marketing and distribution leader that offers a complete range of sales, marketing, manufacturing and distribution services to independent studios and producers. Studio Latino stands as the leading supplier of Spanish-language and US Latino DVD and VHS programming and showcases a complete range of genres that compose the overall category including Latino Kids, Contemporary Mexican Cinema, Golden Age Mexican Cinema, Films from Spain and Latin America, Latino Cult Titles, Música Latina, Off-television product, Pop Culture and Reality videos.

StudioWorks Entertainment, led by industry veterans Don Gold and Gregory M. Yulish, focuses on high quality programming targeting the children’s, family and pop culture markets. StudioWorks Entertainment is a full service studio operation that offers a diverse range of entertainment services including but not limited to, worldwide home entertainment distribution, merchandising and television sales, and brand management.

“Juanito Jones” and “Las Tres Mellizas” are both produced by Cromosoma, a worldwide leader in the production, licensing, and publishing of animated children’s properties–specializing in book-based properties. Cromosoma is based in Barcelona, Spain.

Juanito Jones

Street Date: November 4; Approx. 78 minutes; SRP: $9.99 (VHS) / $14.99 (DVD);

Catalog#: Vol. One: DVD 16142-7 (English) DVD 166327 (Spanish), VHS 16143-3 (VHS Spanish only)

Catalog#: Vol. Two: DVD 16162-7 (English), DVD 16642-7 (Spanish) VHS 16163-3 (VHS Spanish only)

UPC# Volume One: 634991161428 DVD (English), 634991166324 (Spanish) 634991161435 VHS,

UPC# Volume Two: 634991161626 DVD (English), 634991166423 (Spanish) 634991161633 VHS

The Triplets (Las Tres Mellizas)

Street Date: November 4; Approx. 78 minutes; SRP $9.99 (VHS) / $14.99 (DVD);

Catalog#: 16123-3 (VHS Spanish only) / 16122-7 (DVD English) / 16622-7 (DVD Spanish)

UPC# 634991161237 (VHS-Spanish Only) / 634991161220 (DVD English) 634991166225 (DVD Spanish)

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‘Juanito Jones’ and ‘The Triplets’ (Las Tres Mellizas) Raise The Bar In The Latino Kids Video Market