‘Play Melate Lottery’ in Mexico and ‘Help the Needy’ from your Cell...

‘Play Melate Lottery’ in Mexico and ‘Help the Needy’ from your Cell Phone

Melate Movil


SAN DIEGO, July 1 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — Pronosticos para la Asistencia Publica, the public lottery organization of the Federal Government that provides significant resources for public assistance while operating and distributing the leading lottery games nationwide in Mexico, has successfully rolled out the first mobile state lottery network in the Americas. This innovative development was made after considering the increasing popularity of mobile devices in Mexico and the technologies available to create new channels for interactive distribution of lottery games. Pronosticos para la Asistencia Publica along with Digital Orchid, the leading operator and developer of wireless content and distribution services for regulated lottery games, reached an agreement to launch an innovated system that allows people to play the lottery in Mexico from the comfort of their homes. The service is available nationwide for the popular Melate lottery game and is called Melate Movil.

Melate Movil is the first totally wireless state lottery sales channel in the Americas that allows people to participate in games and draws through mobile devices. The Melate Movil lottery service was initially made available to all subscribers of Telcel, the leading mobile phone operator in Mexico, starting April 15, 2008. With the purchase of a Melate Movil prepaid card, which are available at retail locations nationwide at a cost of sixty or one hundred pesos, players will be able to fund their Melate Movil accounts. The account will be generated once the player enters the Melate Movil system from their cell phone’s browser. This procedure prevents fraud when participating in the draw. The players’ accounts will not have minimum or maximum balance amounts since their balance will be determined by the players themselves based on the number of times they want to play and the number of cards they choose to purchase. By logging into their accounts, players will be able to play Melate con Revancha from a Telcel cell phone, without incurring any browser charges. They just have to decide which version they want to play; Classic Melate or Melatico Quick Pick

Just as easy and simple as it is to play, knowing if one is a winner is even simpler. The lottery system will let the players know when the draw is over as well as provide them with the draw results and prize amounts. The player then has the choice to either credit the prize to their account or to collect the prize money from an authorized Pronosticos para la Asistencia Publica payment center or authorized retail agent that is responsible for the prize payments for each of the draws. Telcel is not responsible for the payment of prizes; Pronosticos para la Asistencia Publica will be entirely responsible for the prize payouts.

With guaranteed prizes of a minimum of 40 million pesos and jackpots that have surpassed 400 million pesos, Melate con Revancha is without a doubt the most popular state lottery game in Mexico.

So play with Mexico, and help the public assistance organization by participating in the Melate con Revancha lottery from your Melate Movil cell phone … Do you see yourself as a millionaire on your cell phone yet?

‘Play Melate Lottery’ in Mexico and ‘Help the Needy’ from your Cell Phone